Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WND Feature Will Obama Show Up -Letter to the Mr. Bob Unruh

Dear Mr. Unruh:
Will Obama show up at eligibility hearing?


Your article was very good and thorough. I wanted to personally thank you very sincerely for the positive mention and link you placed on my name. That was very considerate of you and I appreciate it so much.

This has been such a hard fight and I know some people don't like me because I challenged McCain's natural born citizenship in Federal Court as well as Obama's before McCain was made the nominee in 2008. It was like challenging a football kick off return after the guy holding the ball got past you 20 yards.. just not quite enough time to stop him before he passed the goal line.

The 2012 Season is upon us and we Birthers are much more prepared at stopping the run around. ;) I believe if Obama doesn't show up to the hearing and it is sent to Superior Court that's when my standing may come into the bigger picture.

If you have an desire to do a story specifically aimed at the Democrats that are apposed to Obama, which there are about 1/3rd of the Democrat Party doesn't dig this obfuscation and destruction of the Constitution, I would be happy to respond to any questions you might send to me for an article. To tell you the truth Bob, concerned Americans need to feel that this argument is Constitutional and that Obama is not being picked on because of 'race'.

Any story that is done that actually begins a healing process, and a comforting process as to a greater understanding of the common ground between Parties and across racial lines in our United States Constitution, I think you would agree , is a healing story and one that must be written by someone some day.

Thank you again, and congradulations I saw your stories have been picked up by several national newspapers also, a credit to you on a well written story.


Cody Robert Judy


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