Thursday, January 5, 2012

Georgia Decision Denying Obama's Motion Rears Racism's Ugly Head

Comments and Considerations

The Racist Card has come out to show its ugly head as you read through the comments here at the Ledger-Enguirer which posted this article.

Georgia judge to hear arguments on eligibility of Barack Obama on ballot; Orly Taitz hails decision

One of the worst comments of 'racism' I found here and decided to address it.

Questionman- states:

You racists are pathetic!
At least Obama managed to keep one promise, Bring America together. He brought together every racist, bigot, extremist, homophobic, closet racist #$%$ that resides on the right! It not only shows how bereft of ideas the GOP’s members truly are, their racist rhetoric shows the despicable nature of their character. The GOP are the sworn enemy of the American people and protector of the privileged 1%. These bafoons need to be VOTED OUT because they are so H8ll bent on destroying obama that they are destroying this country because president obama can’t govern. Itis utterly ridiculous that they continue to play these games with filibustering everything and everybody. It’s Offical, Anyone who hates Obama are racists! Obviously Anyone who calls for Obama’s impeachment is a racist, because they can’t stand having a black president And despite what the ignorant “birthers” want us to believe, Obama hasn’t broken any laws that would be considered impeachable, except being black!

Cody Robert Judy responds:@Questionman

Boy it is really sad when the “racist” card is pulled, especially when it is so clearly discounted in the Georgia Action as well as New Hampshire. I am a Plaintiff on the case and a Democrat, who by the way sued Sen. John McCain in 2008 and Barack Obama on our Constitution’s requirement for President.

The biggest foul of ‘racism’ is being played by not informing the public exactly who is sueing Obama with the details so that the public knows I didn’t just pick on the ‘black guy’, but also sued McCain for not being a ‘natural born citizen’ because he was not born in the U.S., but in Panama, this in my opinion failed one of the two-prong test. Obviously the U.S. Senate disagreed with me in giving Sen. McCain non-binding unconstitutional senate resolution 511, but by God when McCain considers with fondness the place of his birth it isn’t the good ole USA. The natural loyalty of his birth doesn’t belong here but its in Panama, as Van Halen would sing it. Besides who needs Congress to tell ya your NBC lol

Obama fails the second of the two pronger without two Citizen parents. Its a Constitutional issue, and calling this ‘racist’ is a sign of desperation, not to mention authorization of fraud and forgery in the Highest Office and being all good with that. That’s really un-American, illegal, and well… a great example of what Obama is outlining as his character truthfully.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 Eligibility Campaign


  1. There will not be any Constitutional question.

    What I believe you fail to realize is that this is not a Court of Law. This is merely an administrative hearing with no authority what so ever to answer or settle a Federal question. This is just Georgia's version of NHs Ballot Commission.

    Even if you were to convince the Georgia SOS to remove Obama from the Ballot do not forget that the final decision rests in the hands of a reviewing Court of Law.

    The only Federal question that will be asked in the end in the event that the SOS removes Obama from the Ballot which is highly unlikely and the matter is reviewed by a Court of Law is whether individual states have the right to determine the eligibility of a sitting US President when the US Constitution gives this authority only to Congress.

    You Racists are setting yourselves up for a fall and then the only thing left to do will be to make your usual accusations that the system is corrupt.

    Obviously the GOP was never motivated by concern of overspending or other claims, It was born of a deeply embedded loathing for people of color and to prevent an Obama re-election, as well as to oust him from office. The birth certificate was one issue, then Obama-Care, as they call it, and it’s pretty much been one issue after another, which has nothing at all to do with advancing the country toward anything.
    One thing for sure, the Party has an abundance of energy and seeing them is so akin to watching black and white footage from the 60s. The only difference is that African-Americans are/were affiliated with the organization. It’s all too convenient how they came onto the scene, when their alleged primary concerns were initiated and had been in motion for years, prior to anyone really knowing who Barack Obama was. This is classic racism at its best.

    It is racist to charge for the documentation needed. If the GOP was really concerned about voter fraud, then why not let banks provide the ID at no cost? Answer they want to keep down the minority and college aged vote.

  2. If the Georgia Administrative Court which was sanctioned by the Georgia Legislature rules against Obama, Obama will be the one appealing decision to the Federal Court.

    What Obama may have mis-understood is that Justice doesn't have to begin in the U.S. Supreme Court.

    In fact justice should and can begin in just such a court.

    Why all the talk about the GOP? I'm a Democrat running against Obama. As far as your 'racist' tracks, better back up and read I actually sued Sen. John McCain in the GOP for not being a natural born citizen. Now what you gonna call me? ;)

    I however dont think protecting the integrity of our vote from people who aren't citizens is a bad thing, and getting a State ID ought to be a basic to insure fraud from the other perspective- people voting who aren't citizens.

    Thank you so much for your comment- you spent some time with it. You know, I really think we are all Americans under the banner of our Constitution and we can come together under it.

    There's always gonna be differences ;) for sure, to complain and chide about, but we can also recognize the common ground.

    God Bless you