Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cody Robert Judy Ltr. Georgia Sec. Of State Kemp- Obama's Eligibility Hearing

Mr. Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
FEC Registered Democratic
3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2 Ogden, UT. 84403
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Honorable Brian Kemp
Secretary of State of Georgia
214 State Capital Atlanta, GA 30334 Via Email to Vincent R. Russo Jr. Esq.-
Re: The Obama Eligibility Hearing and recommendation of Judge Malhi
Dear Honorable Brian Kemp: Feb. 4th2012
As the office of Secretary of State is charged with conducting efficient and secure elections, the inclusion of Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro must be stricken from appearing on the Georgia Ballot to protect and serve the public from voting for a candidate who has failed to provide any verifiable evidence that he is eligible for the office according to the demands of qualification held within The United States Constitution for the office of President, and at the least of which he has provided to your office admissible evidence of his being, in the very least a dual citizen.

Mr. Obama wrote asking you on the eve of the Administrative Trial hearing basically to take the case away from Judge Malhi, and you responded that if he should not participate he would do so at his own peril. Mr. Obama by and through his attorney refused to participate even after a Subpoena was upheld to their formal objection. Judge Malhi did condone Mr. Obama's behavior of contempt for the Judicial proceeding.
After reviewing Judge Malhi’s recommendation, I am asking you on the eve of your decision to basically take the case away from Judge Malhi also on the grounds that you as the Secretary Of the State of Georgia bear the responsibility much more so than Judge Malhi for the final decision and you were required to take the oath of office and any oath prescribed by the Constitution of Georgia and you had to swear that you would support the constitutions of the United States and of the state of Georgia. O.C.G.A. § 45-3-1

You also are aware that any public officer who willfully and intentionally violates the terms of his or her oath as prescribed by law shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years. O.C.G.A. §16-10-1. You have been briefed fully on the matter from my attorney Orly Taitz Esq. and all of Georgia’s eyes as well as the Nations are upon you. Make no mistake you will be held accountable to that oath, both in eternity and your near political future.

Wither or not you deserved that weight is not the question as I see it. You chose to take the oath and couching behind Judge Malhi’s recommendation will not relieve you of your personal oath. Permit me to say if one were to receive a recommendation from the devil it is still your personal choice as to carry out that recommendation or ignore it. I’m not a member of the GOP, but am running as a Democratic Party Candidate, and I wish to make abundantly clear to you Sir my party does not condone fraud and forgery associated with the actions of identity obfuscation of one man, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro. He stands alone in these ill fated and illegal actions.

I sincerely inform you that if you agree to include Mr. Obama on the Ballot in Georgia Sir, that your grand statement is that the GOP most affirmably condones fraud and forgery. Now is that the sort of reputation you want to shuffle the GOP and shoulder the rest of your life? If it is, why you go ahead and put Mr. Obama on the Ballot and I’ll keep making commercials to the public like this one, only I’m gonna make some that personally include you that will not escape you ever in your public professional life.

Let me also make another promise to you. That as I boldly continue the course through all the other 49 States with complaints that exhibit the exact frames of evidence you have had to take a good look at that your reputation as someone supporting the Constitution will be clocked with an egg-timer just as quickly as another State declares that they will not tolerate or exonerate or condone such actions of fraud and forgery in the highest office of the land protecting with the check and balance system the Legislative and Judicial Branches of our Government. I assure you I’m just getting started!

In the remote possibility that you think there is not a single State in the Union that will not affirm this conservative moral fidelity, America will see that the GOP is exactly the opposite of what they profess to be and I will personally do my best to shout it upon every house top.

Please Sir, take my extended hand to you from across the aisle, and as an American Patriot do not fear the reputation of our Founding Fathers, your oath, and all those who have given their life to the last drop of blood for the very privilege of declaring boldly you are not ashamed to rub shoulders with those men.

Take with the super bowl courage of a winning team, and make the call- declare the penalty- for those who seek to infringe the integrity of citizens that are depending upon you for protection, and for the Republic for which we stand. May with your decision God bless you, and God bless The United States of America.

Cody Robert Judy

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