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BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Supreme Court Hails Judy v. Obama TOMORROW! Is the Popularity of Justice Enough for President?

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Supreme Court Hails Judy v. Obama 14-9396 TOMORROW! Is the Popularity of Justice Enough for President?

For many the show of infidelity that has been raging in the hearts of politicians who lacked the spine to take a stand for the Constitution's Qualification of 'natural born Citizen' for the Office of the President has become somewhat of a 'closing curtain act' on Justice in America. Out of the 7,000 Cases reviewed yearly, tomorrow the Justices look at 177 designated as popular for-that-week as the Review on Thursdays. Justice, what does it mean? More and more people realizing that there are rules that apply to them that don't apply to Politicians in a real desecration of Justice by those we looked up to in the Order of upholding justice. The questions posed for all? When did Justice become so unpopular, and Why can't Justice be what is popular among our Elected Leaders?

When did 'What you can get away with' become more important than 'What you paid for'? Among the great accomplishments of Secretary of State and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is a sale of half the uranium in the United States to Russia through Clinton Foundation Contributor and Partner in the Canadian Clinton Charity Frank Giustra. Mr. Giustra was the central figure in Uranium One. This Canadian Company acquired one half of all uranium assets in the United States that then sold them to an organization controlled by Russia under Russian President Putin. That transaction could not have gone through without the approval of the State Department under Mrs. Clinton under Obama, but that doesn't answer the question of why Clinton needed a Canadian Charity in the first place?

Is there something about the Clinton Foundation in the United States that isn't good enough to accept certain kinds of money from foreign entities, oligarchs, governments, and corporations? Large scale criminal enterprises are something the State Department is supposed to guard against, but they had no interest in the 30,000 emails Mrs. Clinton ditched in her private server buried deep down in the bunker of her private compound she used as a residence while in the duties of office of Secretary of State? Money laundering is the process of transforming the proceeds of crime into ostensibly legitimate money. State Department emails are property of the United States Government and the destruction of them is a crime and so is using the Secretary of State's Office in a 'pay-to-play' favor coordinating sell-a-thon.

So why would a Canadian Clinton Charity find it necessary to donate to The Clinton Foundation based in the United States? It just seems odd unless the Canadian Clinton Charity could accept funds that would otherwise raise a criminal allegation or be prohibited against The Clinton Foundation based in the United States if they accepted them directly.

Most people in the United States don't even know that most of the world revolves around bribes and kick-backs for Government Officials. I'll never forget when the Salt Lake Olympic Committee got so caught up in bribes and kick-backs that Mitt Romney was summoned to clear up the mess. The United State People as we recite in the Pledge of Allegiance believe in 'Justice for All'. Charity does cover up a multitude of sins, but I'm not sure 10% going to Charity and the other 90% cover cost isn't more of a business?

There are so many organizations acting under Charities to avoid taxes, including many Hospitals, running more for profit than for the poor. They panic at the thought of losing their 'non-profit' accountability because they realize they would then be responsible for paying a lot in taxes which is ostensibly the fear of losing the loop hole. They feel themselves they could use the money much better than the federal government so in that determination they open Charities. If everyone did that they could operate in a tax free society and the Government would go bust. Wait a minute, are we not 18 Trillion in the hole? Acting as a tax free organization, as the Clinton Foundation has been doing and many others in the same category, really means Americans are subsidizing the operations.

Now how does the American uranium translate into the indirect harm to Americans organized by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ineligible Obama? Well, today we learned Russia is getting 40 brand spanking new intercontinental missiles. Do you remember what intercontinental means? Yes, that means they are equipped with a pay load to fly a long ways away from Russia. Russia's military resurgency we might conclude is brought to us by Secretary Hillary Clinton's accomplishment? Now, she may have experience, but is prostitution the kind of experience you want when it comes to making something so valuable so available to foreign Governments for so cheap?

This also reminds me of the 'fake-tape' folk lore Mrs. Clinton was fully briefed on during the horrors of Benghazi as a tactical ply to shift responsibility and blame away from the center of an elaborate plan with the 2012 election just a month away. It was desperation time because if a terror attack had been the head lines, Americans' would not think they were safe and Obama could not afford that. With Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic Party polls, what we really need to consider is why she was a Birther with McCain at first but not one with Obama, and why she would not turn to "Justice" for help?

The 'natural born Citizen' clause [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] was designed from the time of it's consideration to be a protection to Americans, as a border or guard against foreign incursion in the Office of the President. Of course you recall the open mic comment that Obama related to outgoing Russian President Medvedev that he had one more election and more flexibility after the election in 2012 and then Medvedev related he would pass that on to incoming Russian President Putin. Now Russian President Putin said, ""Over 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of penetrating any, even the most technologically advanced missile defense systems, will join the nuclear forces in the current year,". Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the U.S. has deferred any prosecution by allegation in that the U.S. so far has failed to spell out its accusations. How much uranium in those 40 new nuclear missiles capable of reaching the U.S. is a direct result of the sale Hillary Clinton approved as Secretary of State? And of course the same question must be asked of Obama as an ineligible person in the Office of the President. Next we must ask the question to ever elected leader now in office if the compromise they have adopted into the Office of the President is worth the lives of Americans in a nuclear Holocaust upon the United States?

[UPDATE Today ] A U.S. Federal Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks in Southern District of Florida Ordered Clinton Foundation racketeering case to trial that is set for Jan 20th, 2016."I am pleased that the Court has set this case for early jury trial," Klayman told the Examiner. "This is a matter of extreme national importance and before now, for decades, the Clintons have not had to answer to a jury for their alleged crimes. Now, justice will be done.[Getty Image]"
Trial Set for Jan 20th, 2016

When will those who are called anti-birthers because they do not believe in the Constitution's protections for the Office of the President in the natural born Citizen clause, come to realize the compromise of our Nations national security? Will it be after they hear the missiles have been launched? The manipulation of Justice is of course what lawyers are the best at. I am not a professional lawyer, but I have presented a case to the United States Supreme Court Justices that allows them to manipulate justice as they see fit. Will they see it as I do Thursday,June 18th from the big bey window or will they narrowly construe through the window of broken glass the safety of all Americans in the proceeding that will act as a catalyst of justification for a greater foreign influence on the Office of the President?


Mr. Donald Trump entered the Republican Contest yesterday for the first time in his life with candor and emphasis on his net worth after debt still being around 10 Billion. Through a great determination Mr. Trump has in fact seized upon the opportunity of living the American Dream which he also declared was dead in the same speech. Yes, he said "The American Dream is dead." I for one do not believe that the American Dream is dead, but what better way to stave off those like me who don't believe it then to pronounce it as dead, and he who has lived it, has received it, has enjoyed it, to be responsible for resurrecting it?

The question remains, if the American Dream is dead, why hasn't Mr. Trump put about a million dollars on the table for a team of lawyers behind the Case that is the only case in the third check and balance branch of our Government known as the Judicial Branch, especially if every American wants Justice, towards defending America from Obama with the simple term in the Constitution Obama is in violation of?

Has Mr. Trump not been notified of the Cases in the Courts? No, not at all. In fact Mr. Trump has been called a leader in the Birther Movement by some of the Main Stream Media. But if Mr. Trump is a leader in the Birther World how much money of his has gone to hire a lawyers to help? Mr. Trump offered at first 5 Million to Obama for his College Transcripts to be released and then offered 50 Million to a Charity of Obama's choosing if he would release his records? But the irony is Mr. Trump would not give 1 Million for a defense of the Constitution's 'natural born Citizen' requirement for the Office of the President and it gets worse. Mr. Trump would not offer $1 for help in assistance of my cases as the only Presidential Candidate in America who has a bi-partisan Record in Court against Obama and McCain.

Of course it would not be fair to assert this if Mr. Trump had not been served, notified, and received notifications that could verify this. And that's also why my Record here on this Blog is so important. There are 48 Post on this Blog emphasizing this Record that Mr. Trump must be responsible for if he is seriously going to be considered for the Office of the President instead of the position of Secretary of Labor or Commerce if he has a mind to serve this Nation and do some great work in assisting in the development of policy that enables American jobs. I've made a couple of YouTube video's highlighting Mr. Donald Trump here and here that it wouldn't be hard to guess you haven't seen. The first one with over 10,000 Views, the second and more important one has just over 500 that I'll feature here:

May 16th, 2011

Justice is the MOST IMPORTANT and valuable commodity in our Nation to protect the American Dream

I have come to the realization that JUSTICE is the most important and valuable commodity in our Nation that is necessary to protect the American Dream. The importance of Justice is at times lost in the clamor for attention from so many indirect variables of value. Justice would never be the source of snuffing out the American Dream, but its counter Injustice is well the culprit.

Now those who would say they do not want "Justice" are in no uncertain terms stating their hope is for 'Injustice' and of course this is a big lie. Placed in front of a Court everyone of us seeks Justice. It is those who have advocated for injustices thinking more about what they could get away with then what they paid for, who shake and tremble that justice is going to have her perfect way.
My own life has been filled with so many injustices and perhaps the biggest positive to come from this fact is that Justice has come to be seen by me as it is a very valuable and highly attractive asset. If the U.S. Supreme Court decides to hear my Case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 it is on the Principles of Justice, not Injustice. It is on the principles of preserving, protecting, and defending the United States Constitution, not declaring it moot. It will be because of the interest of our sovereignty and embracing the American Dream that is not dead-listed.

Being in the Office of the President requires more than 'good business' sense. Anyone in that Office can raise Tariffs to get Ford the incentive to build a plant in Tennessee as Mr. Trump extrapolated in his example of bring jobs back to America. We are underway of becoming more energy independent. But being President requires at the heart of it preserving, protecting and defending the United Constitution. I'm not sure how many times Mr. Trump emphasized that fact, but I do know when it comes to Obama America has suffered a very BIG blow and so the 'natural born Citizen' clause left undefended and under financed is a critically important lapse of judgement for all those who have abandoned it. The affects of that on the business world has also been critical which is why it has made no sense whatsoever for big time Business People like Mr. Trump, former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney all of whom I have appealed to over and over again on Record. Their Record is one of not listening and ignoring the plain and precious precepts of our U.S. Constitution all while taking part in developing their American Dream and avoiding Justice in this HUGE ELEPHANT in the Room they certainly cannot say they missed.

If JUSTICE prevails in my case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 Thursday June 18th, 2015 it will not be because of Mr. Trump's help, or because of any Special Interest, or Lobbying Group. It will not be because of a bribe or because money is more important than Justice. It will be because Justice reigns popular in our United States of America and is the Supreme Law of the Land - So help us God. I think it is better this way and thus while I have appealed for their help and not received it I do not resent them for it. This example for the American Dream is much better and will inspire much more hope for Americans. This will serve America much better for the next thousand years!

Justice will not be stopped and will have her perfect way. Psalms 89: 14 'Justice and Judgement are the habitation of thy Throne' we read and are also told in Matt 6:19 "Lay not up for yourselfs treasures upon the Earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where theives break through and steal: v. 20. But lay up for yourselfs treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where theives do not break through and steal; v. 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also'. What that means is in 30 years Trump Towers will all need to be renovated and the Lord can take a man's wealth and turn it on its head in one day.

America needs a Leader for Justice in America and for that Record I have striven with my heart knowing of course I'm not perfect and humbly ask the Lord's mercy upon us every day. In the end, we all are family and must consider this as a factor in the Judgement we make every day as well as the Judgement on who we would like to Lead this Nation.

Cody Robert Judy

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Other Courts
12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial
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14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case
15-Amicus Curiae Filed in Military Court if Lt. Terry Lakin

The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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