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Today I  mention the incredible heart felt lump in my throat when a contribution comes in. Its hard for me to explain to you how tenderly felt each one is. We notice FL., CA., TX., OR., PA., N.C., UT., S.D, VA., MA.,MI., AZ., and one from a U.S. Citizen in the United Kingdom now. We hope to see your State there soon supporting the longest lasting Obama's Ineligible Case in the Supreme Court of the United States in U.S. History! There is a reason for that, no one is talking about and it has to do with being a Presidential Candidate.

You see about 200 laws suits were dismissed for a 'lack of standing', meaning there was no Presidential Candidate claiming damages. Some attorney's just keep making the same mistakes over and over and trying to justify they had standing in really odd ways. The reason for this is they either didn't want to acknowledge the hard work a Presidential Candidate goes through. Making Commercials, Web Pages, being available nearly 24 hours a day, answering questions, putting a platform for the Country together, even writing a book like I have done.  Orly Taitz has done a ton of work, but continues to get her cases dismissed because of what I am talking about- Raw Story just featured it, and again what-do-you-know, a lack of standing.

In fact another Judge just sent her packing. One thing about my cases, I've never been dismissed for a 'lack of standing'. Nope, they have to reach deeper into the bucket of excuses than that one at least. My Presidential Campaigns claiming damages are legit, and the damages are real, hurting badly, but the notice to that is seen by the Media about the same way as American Children getting raped and murdered by illegal aliens/or/immigrants, 'undocumented' as Rep. Nancy Pelosi likes to refer to them politely.  I think she'd refer to someone who murdered her children as someone who 'deposed of their atmosphere'. They are unsympathetic with the damages Obama has caused and is causing.  They have no feelings whatsoever about this, but I do.

 Times are hard and bound to get harder, but I haven't shirked from this fight one bit. All the other Candidates have.  I have shouldered this 'Ineligibility' fight since 2008 with my first Federal LawSuit/Complaint against Sen. McCain who was not 'Born in the United States', but was born in the foreign Country of Panama in the Colon, Panama Hospital; making me the only Candidate for President in U.S. History to be bi-partisan on the Eligibility Principle on Court Record. That's as close to not being called a "Racist" by the Main Stream Media as you can't. I tell you their 'agenda' is just as cold to American's getting good jobs, or a trade deal that doesn't sacrifice our children's futures as generational theft.

Six Months! That's right, but do you see any Main Stream Articles about it? Nope! They are petrified justice might come for Obama's occupation in the White House they propped up not caring about the damages.  The longest lasting "Active Petition" in the United States Supreme Court citing Obama's Ineligibility in United States History now with action starting there on the Docket March 30th and dates of a 2nd Conference scheduled for September 28th 2015. That's 6 months in that Court alone.

 No case has managed through the 1st Conference before being put on the 'DENIED LIST'. Nothing has come close to the staying power my case has had and for good reason.  I've got three Campaigns backing up damages that have amounted to tons of work you can see, and all I wanted was the rules equally applied under the Constitution for Obama as myself and everyone else. Is that to much to ask?

The people supporting the demolition of our Constitution's demand that 'natural born Citizen' doesn't mean anything other than 'Citizen' and denying its unique qualification singled out just for the President and Vice President's Office,  never mentioned for Senator's and Representative's in their qualifications,  the idea of giving the Power of the President to foreign nationals and new immigrants is not a threat to our national security. We might suppose under-age drinking and permission to marry at 11 is just as easily on their radar?

The 'natural born Citizen' clause for just those two offices was designed as a 'Time Frame' just like the time frame of being 35 Years of Age for President, 30 Years of Age for Senator, and 25 Years of Age for Representatives is different. "Natural Born Citizen" understood to be Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, actually requires longer than 35 years by at least one year.

In other words, an immigrant couple could legally come into the Country obtaining legal status as Citizens, have a child here and that child could grow up and be a Vice President or even President.

Now, if "Time" doesn't matter to you, than why would you say drinking alchohol at 7 years of age is any different than 21? Why not lower the age we feel a young lady can be married from 16 in some states, to 11? People would scream, "You are out of your mind!!! " Well, guess what?  We who support the qualifications for President as 'born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents' also recognize the difference is usually much longer time.

It absolutely creates a buffer from foreign powers entering in and controlling our nuclear codes as well as curbing the interest in arming our enemies, or those who may be more interested in doing us harm by distributing out wealth, and selling to anyone at the highest price. People who don't support "Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents", we think are just as "Out of their mind!" because it is a National Security Problem placing our children and futures at a high risk. That's why I think so ill of Politicians elected who haven't thought enough of you or our Constitution to open their objections and insist on hearings on this.

They have no idea what the consequences, and there is always consequences, will be. Along the lines of our 'recovery'? We have 'financed' this 'recovery' by adding 7 Trillion to the Debt! There's no Recovery Stupid! It's only gotten worse for our children, and the statistics have been manipulated. Obama doesn't want to take the credit for being in the White House illegally, or the ramifications for it, because consequences don't exist in his mind for his actions of lying and deception .. "You can keep your Doctor?" .. hahaha! What a joke that has become! Do know what's coming down the pike? As soon as its admitted by Congress, guess whose fault its' going to be? That's right. They will say its your own damn fault. They are never wrong.

 Its is really hard not to recognize the arms that have either been confiscated, given, or sold to 'rebel groups' who said on one hand they were interested in 'freedom' and 'democracy' but also set up Theocracies under Islam (Egypt) or were actual listed as  'terrorist Groups' (Libya-Syria 'Rebels' are linked to Al-Queda and ISIS), that have gotten arms from us legally through Qatar I've mentioned in the last two post.

 It never made sense to me to 'discriminate' against McCain, because Obama "may have" been born somewhere's else or for only listing one parent from Kenya, even if he was born in the U.S., his respecting his father's Kenyan Citizenship eliminates him as a natural born Citizen.   Neither hospital in Hawaii has claimed his birth.  He actually claimed two at one time in the beginning- first Queens and then Kapaloni, and then there was his Step- Grandmother who in an interview by WND in Africa claimed she was present at Obama's birth in Mombasa Kenya along with two quite highly respected Christian Ministers who also verified her claim by affidavits. Then of course there is Sheriff Joe's CCP Report also inserted into our SCOTUS Case, and I'm not sure Sheriff's like to lie either along with waste 2500 hours of expert criminal investigation and whole lifetimes of law enforcement credibility just for Obama? No way.

"Ms. Sara Hussein Obama was very adamant that her grandson, Senator Barack Obama, was born in Kenya, and that she was present and witnessed his birth in Kenya, not the United States," the Christain Rev. Kweli",  Shuhubia said.  Of course you and I know how those Grandmothers and Christian Ministers love to lie, and after six years in the Office Obama has yet to have a plague of any sort erected by a Hospital in Hawaii proud of the first black President who just happened to be born there? That seems very strange to me. Has the press asked why his Grandmother would lie or why Christian Ministers would lie about his birth?


We do not know if we are going to be successful. Of course there are always people who rob other people who just get away with it. That has never made robbing someone right though. Americans understanding this have been contributing to the only Presidential Campaign in America with an active Petition in the Supreme Court of the United States. We could always do more advertising about this to others if you'd contribute today. We'd love to have the Billions that Mr. Trump has, but we just don't, but guess what?

You know $5 from 1 million makes $5 Million? $20 dollars from 1 million makes $20 Million. There are nearly 4 million in just the city of L.A., and you know nearly 50% of America understands and knows Obama is not eligible for the Office of the President, yet they are complaining about all the damages of ObamaCare, ObamaAmnesty, Obama's Executive Orders, and Obama's Economy.  Don't you think its odd that people are willing to defend their families with a box of shells for their gun, but not supporting defending the Nation with the equivalent to a Candidate for President standing up for this National Security Principle?

I guess if you have given up you have given up. If your hope is that Obama just finishes up and goes down in history as an eligible President,  wait a minute do you really want that? Are you telling me like Glenn Beck tells everyone or Rush Limbaugh that a contribution to a Candidate's Campaign where standing is fulfilled is a waste? I can not imagine their giving you any poorer advise for our Country. Its legally unsound., you know that right? 

They have sacrificed our National Security over being called a 'Racist' - not giving a damn about our National Security Interest. What about a Candidate who can't be called a racist because he sued both McCain and Obama equally? Does the 'racist' profile still fit supporting that Candidate for President or do you just not care about the national security of our Country? 

You get to decide that. I'd say don't trust bad legal advice and contribute what you can TODAY FOR A BETTER AMERICA TOMORROW

Cody Robert Judy- Presidential Candidate '08-'12-'16

Every dollar counts towards a Campaign willing to take a stand for your individual Civil Rights and having a President like Cody Robert Judy, you can be sure that your Rights are going to be stood up for because he's the one with a Record in Court to prove that actions speak louder than words. Helping him out today is going to help you out Tomorrow.

1) Judy v. McCain Las Vegas, Nevada 2008 U.S. Fed. 2)Judy v. Obama New Hampshire State Ballot Challenge Executive Court 3)Judy v. Obama New Hampshire State Superior Court 4)New Hampshire State Supreme Court 5)Judy v. Obama Georgia Ballot Challenge Executive Court 6)Judy v. Obama Georgia State Superior Court 7)Judy v. Obama Georgia State Supreme Court 8)Judy v. Obama Ballot Challenges United States Supreme Court 12-5276 9)Judy v. Obama Utah U.S. Fed Court 10)Judy v. Obama Utah Division Circuit Court of Appeals (Denver, Colorado) 11.) Judy v. Obama U.S. Supreme Court 14-9396

Other Courts
12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial
13-Amicus Curiae Filed in Berg v. Obama 2008
14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case
15-Amicus Curiae Filed in Military Court if Lt. Terry Lakin

The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Cody Robert Judy - U.S. President 2016
The 2016 Cody Robert Judy Campaign for U.S. President

CAMPAIGN NEWS FLASH - Please visit a couple more of our Campaign Web Pages that are up, remodeled, and going. First the "Bio of Cody" page is up and also the "NEWS FLASH" page is up which details a news flash about Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in the United States Supreme Court.

INSPIRING - I believe in You

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