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Many DEMOCRATS Continue to KICK OUT at 2016 Candidate for President Cody Robert Judy

2016 Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy says the Message is Unusual but hopes County
Representatives Understand

Many DEMOCRATS Continue to KICK OUT at 2016 
D-Candidate for President Cody Robert Judy
Many Democrats continue to kick out at the message of 2016 Candidate for President Cody Robert Judy (CRJ). Of course its not easy to accept the facts that your guy in the Office of the President is not qualified to be there and the United States Supreme Court in a short month will be taking it up again where they left it June 18th before they recessed. To make matters worse their Front Polling Candidate Hillary Clinton's numbers so lofty the last year continue diving in a near free fall, while across the isle front runner and birther Donald Trump continues to sky-rocket. It's the political pie you just could not make up even if you tried to.

"The Campaign", Cody reported today, "is doing just about the opposite of what you would expect a Campaign to do. Its relying and dishing up the TRUTH. Democrats can be upset all they want, but the truth is I challenged Sen. McCain in 2008 in Las Vegas NV.'s Federal Court and not one Democrat complained about it all though I got about all the grits and eggs I could handle thrown at me by Republicans. Its' hard when you have to discipline your own party, and harder still when you have a wild child like Helen Keller before Ann Sullivan come along.", Cody chuckled.

"Truth is Democrats have been getting away with quite a few things that weren't exactly healthy for the Country and we have a 19 Trillion Dollar Debt to prove it and an unqualified person in the White House. Yes, he may be black but that isn't one of the qualifications enumerated in the U.S. Constitution but 'natural born Citizen' sure is and he fails the test- Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents."

Call CRJ the Donald Trump of the Democratic Party if you will without the 10 Billion dollars and you might recognize why its even harder for Democrats to swallow what Cody's serving up. They do not think they have to at this time but the fact is it can change in one day.

September 28th, 2015 the United States Supreme Court is set to rule on the Case that they continued from the first Conference June 18th that began in the Court March 30. "You can call it what you want", Cody said, "but I just do not have any money right now and I think the Supreme Court wondered how in the world I was doing what I was doing. So they questioned me on that."

The question was answered as Cody turned into the Supreme Court bank records of his personal finance and Campaign Finances that showed him living below the poverty line and near destitute June 24th in time for the Court to consider that June 29th before they went to recess July 1st. The Justices chose not to rule on it instead giving it a SECOND September 28th Hearing. This of course allowed speculators good reasons to reasonably consider the Court was in controversy over the Case and was actually in the lengthy Sept 28th date giving themselves more time  to weigh the balances of justice and figure out the best course of action.

They could have just as easily, for instance, granted forma pauperis standing and just kicked it out June 18th very easily, but they made a choice not to.

 "Truth, we are scraping by and it would literally by a slap in the face to the poor if the Supreme Court were to deny me forma pauperis standing which both the lower District Court had granted and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals had also accepted on its face", Cody said.

Where does the balance of JUSTICE come in when poverty is known but wisdom and intelligence weighs in with the poor representing Truth verses the other side that has wealth, power, fame and position but represents a Lie?

If you can consider that question you might ask also are those who have wealth, power, fame, and position actually above the Law?

If that is the case then Justice certainly has no place to Stand and injustice is just a running away with it all. That is pretty much the message of Bernie Sanders also, who is attracting very big crowds in the Democratic Party and has overtaken Hillary Clinton in the Polls in New Hampshire.

His message is resonating with the American People because they are feeling in fact exactly what I am going through and they are angry about it.

On the other side of the isle, Mr. Trump continues to rise in the Republican Polls as he has tapped into the fact that the professional politicians are in essence liars. The Republican Establishment has wasted 2010 where they recaptured the House which are the purse strings of America as well as the 2014 Elections where they recaptured the Senate. All they have seen is Republicans continue to stick out the carrot as they continued right down the path of riding Obama for their wins rather then stopping Obama which is what they were sent to Washington DC for.

Not one Republican has stood up or dared to be a Birther like Mr. Trump has and guess whose leading in the Republican Field by double digits? Do you think the Press likes Mr. Trump so they have been easy on him over the Birther Principle? Take a look and see tell me what your answer of 'easy' is?

Has the Media for election of 2016 Missed the Birther Principle? It appears they have missed it so much that's all they want to talk about now.

For the most part if Obama's Ineligibility and lack of Qualifications isn't a hard dinner to swallow its been  former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Hee-Haw Show over her flippant use of a personal email server to avoid FOIA request while in one of America's top jobs and enjoying a top Twenty Security Clearances that our Country affords. Stupid isn't even a consideration and neither is 'wiping the server with a clothe or something?' If you are that stupid you certainly have no business whatsoever in a Security Clearance like that and yet she's expecting America to put her in the Oval Office?

Is America that Stupid? Are Democrats that Stupid?
This is the worst buck-passing I've seen since Hillary's husband
decided there was more than one way to define the word "is"'

"What do you mean just had over the keys to the Nuclear Codes to North Korean's like car keys?"

You all know when you see someone acting don't you? If you don't just take a look to your left there.

 If Hillary Clinton is an intelligent women who enjoyed a top-twenty United States Security Code and doesn't know about 'wiping' a Email Server clean and has never heard of it by the looks and the statement she responded to the Press with, then either you are stupid, or she's playing stupid.

Why does she need to play stupid to the Press over a National Security FBI Probe being conducted about her personal server used as a complete way to avoid FOIA Request? Do the Democrats really want a person that doesn't have a clue like that with all the experience she's had in public office? I think that this is what Donald Trump is talking about when he refers to our butts being handed to us in Trade and Negotiations because of 'stupid' leaders.

Of course I misspell words a lot and so does 'spell-check', but I know what wiping information off a server means as I think most Americans do especially in the context of what is being addressed by Mrs. Clinton.

The message is as Cody put it, not really all that good for Democrats, but he is hoping to give the Democratic Party a little good news and that would be a way to actually beat Mr. Trump if he won the Republican Nomination and Mr. Judy was given the chance to represent the Democrats in their nomination.

Of course it is really hard to do that when the National Democratic Party will not include Cody Robert Judy in Debates and has not even acknowledged him as a Candidate for President in the Democratic Party which he is officially by FEC Standards. With that bit of an introduction we are going to publish on the Blog what Democratic Party Chairs representing every County in the States of Texas, California, Iowa, Massachusetts, Arizona, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, South Carolina, New York, and New Hampshire received today.

[Kind of an unusual email I know, but there are some very good reasons behind it I hope you understand. Hello, my name is Cody Robert Judy, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I'm still here for you running for President in 2016. We had the following published as a feature editorial I'm passing forward, but the real reason I'm writing is because we have got to start facing some facts.  As a Party we have faced many great challenges before, but nothing like the internal combustion that is going on in the Democratic Party at the National Level, who have openly refused thus far to work with me, in either developing a system were they at least forwarded my emails to all Democrats nationally or furnished those for me to email. 

Its seems one of the very time honored traditions of being an 'inclusive party' is really threatened here and my only choice is to reach out to "County Reps" whose emails I can dig up.  Of course I do not want to 'hound' your email box, but we have a great deal going on, and relying on the National Press to cover this campaign against the National Party Chairs wishes is not an option any longer. We are just a month away from something very BIG HAPPENING in the U.S. Supreme Court as well as with the Democratic Party Polling Leader Mrs. Clinton. 

I've always been taught its not smart to put all your eggs in one basket, but it seems as if that is the calculation of the big boys and girls in the DNC. You've probably read about how discontented Bernie Sanders and Martin O' Malley are with only 6 Debates scheduled, the first October 13 in Vegas? To tell you the truth I don't even know if I'm invited yet, but I can tell you a lot of work has gone on in my Campaign with piddly-drizzle-campaign-support and that's got to change.

Let's be honest with ourselves. If the FBI Investigation now consuming Mrs. Clinton's actions and choices with her Server finds even one more National Security violation she could be doing time and that ammo for Republicans will be HUGE! The other concern of course is if they find a trace of the Pay-To-PlayGate Scandal on her server that could easily erupt into a full blown Political Scandal with foreign contributions funding her Campaign. These are not imagined conspiracies if your reading the Main Stream Media Reports..they are happening. 

Of course we do not like to hear about the 'bad' when it comes to Candidates we like, but it doesn't mean we can stick our head in the sand and pretend they are not there. To be on the safe side, I want you to consider a Contribution to my Campaign because we are kind of rolling now and we are getting very close to a BIG TIME SUPREME COURT Case hearing. The following article details why Democrats had better start thinking "Birtherism" is cool, and thinking about the saying if you can't beat them join them. It really does have to do with our National Security. 

We have a very rich xxxxxx to defeat if Mr. Trump is the Republican Nominee and believe me though he says he likes 'women' , they should be very afraid of the xxxxxx Mr. Trump threatens them into with a veto of their right to choose. He's already courting the Democrat Vote you can see thinking about a general election and as my new Video Depicts below in this article, "Birtherism" is not something that is going to STOP him. 

You might think me unimportant because I have never been elected. So 14 Republican Presidential Candidates thought the same about Mr. Trump just two months ago now. Storms can come and shift political tides very quickly so I'm asking you for your help now. We know that the majority of Democrats have not contributed to a campaign yet. Mrs. Clinton has got a big chunk of funds she may never be able to use. Please, help me now by contributing to my Campaign. Believe me, with being the only Presidential Candidate in the Nation to take a stand for our Constitution Qualifications for the Office of the President on a bi-partisan stand, remember I sued John McCain and Obama, I can make Mr. Trump look well, like the video says a "Blow Hard".
That's like someone 'Blowing Wind' when they speak but do 'nothing', which is exactly what his platform message is. He's done nothing, but promises the world. What are Democrats going to do IF the Supreme Court of the United States rules in my Favor, and finds Obama's Identification a 'fraud', or finds that indeed he is 'ineligible' according to the Constitution's demands? Who is in the position to beat Mr. Trump then? 

Believe me, there will be only one Candidate's Name on Democratic Party leaders lips and they might be just as dumb-founded as the Press has been that the General Public has Trump at the top of the Political Polls leading by double digits. How do you beat a xxxxxx  like that? You better have a Plan that makes sense, and my Campaign does. I really do believe the Democratic Party can come out and beat this guy if they tap into the same energy that Trump is tapping into, accept with a Candidate who actually did the work, performed well through our Civil Judicial Process, worked his guts out to maintain that and pursue it to the Supreme Court responsibly. Is that not a message to the public about someone the Democratic Party has couched in their wings?

I'm here for you, but my heck your starving me to death.(smile) I need help! I'm tired of this "hiding", and "picking" and "secretiveness" , Democrats have always been bold, why should we hide when TRUTH is on our Side? We will only certainly lose again if we do not STOP and take a look inside. I couldn't stand to run in the Republican Party if my life depended upon it because I know just how cruel they can be. I know about pulling the choices out from under you. I know when opportunity is snatched and stomped on, and believe me I know what living below the poverty line is, but still scrapping to be self sufficient. 

Thank you for your considerations. Gosh, $25 would really help out right now and I'd be so appreciative to you. Please check out all my blog Post. I've made a Special Feature defending Planned Parenthood from the xxxxxxxx who would just as soon set us back 50 years in disease and medical research and I've done it in a nice Christian way that I think has made many on the right question their own false assumptions. Yes, I like to fight fire with fire and with Christian folks they respect it more than hate it. 

This is kind of long but again, I don't want to abuse your emails and its the devil trying to pick through them for removals. I'll probably end up in your junk folder anyway, so if you find me there I hope we can maintain a civil and open mindedness about what's happening. Please, send this out to your email lists. Its the only way we have survived this long. Believe me I want to start a Fire with the old time democratic values in this Country that will consume dry sage brush like no bodies business. I hope you're with me and can help out with the $25 just for safe keeping. And Please,Please Please, start voicing your opinions in Polls for Cody Robert Judy, and start emailing the National Party that we as a Party need to represent ourselves in debates with others who have not been elected. It bodes well for Republicans who have invited and worked in the press relations to at least spot light the Campaigns of Fiorina, Carson, and Trump...and look at whats happening with all of their campaigns. 

What are Democrats doing? "Hunkering down", "picking audiences", "Pre-selecting Questions", what the heck does that look like to you but an elite bunch of cow-patch. What's wrong with our Party!!! Let's clean House and let them know we are alive and we count - not just with words but with deeds. We want Cody Robert Judy in our Debates Please! You are part of a growing list of County Representatives all over the Country now informed with Truth. Every county Representative in TX,CA, IA,MA,NC,FL,AZ,NV,CO,SC,NH,GA, and NY, now have received this and we certainly are filling in the blanks quickly, so join us in an effort to broaden our selection, represent an equality of choice, and stand for inclusiveness.

Thank you so much, enjoy the article and please watch that new video. Give us a like on Facebook and Twitter by looking us up at Cody Robert Judy for President 2016. We've got a long way to go and short time to get there, but we're east bound and just watch ole Cody Go! Contribute here ]

You know Primaries and Caucuses within the Parties are suppose to be just what they represent a Choice. Some are Open, some are Semi-Open, and some are Closed, but they all represent a choice that is provided. I had a few of these County Representatives, chosen because they promised to represent their fellow County Democratic Citizens in defending, providing, and including a choice for them, say they were not going to pass it on to their precincts or email list. I thought, boy, that is really sad. At least the County Representatives had a choice. How would they feel if they didn't have one or found out someone had taken their choice away? 

One of the best things I've every understood about the Democratic Party was that choice was protected, and freedom and liberty were protected, as well as it being a big tent or what we called inclusiveness. I've worked very hard as a Candidate to get the word out as best as I could, to build a Campaign and represent a Platform for America that I think is very good and will help us. I've got web sites, social media sites, campaign commercials, you name it. So to not be included in the debates or election process really seems like it represents unfairness, inequality, and a disloyalty to the code of Democrats and I hope  that it does not prevail.
Cody Robert Judy

Campaign Committee to elect Cody Robert Judy U.S. President in 2016.
Web Site 

Cody's Record is one you can Trust as one in the public service, and one that has served our Nation and will serve our Nation well in the Office of the President. The nucleus of our Constitution that may just be the collaboration or difference between the Truth and the Lie you will have a choice in voting for.

Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

Cody Robert Judy's book :
 Taking A Stand- the Conservative Independent Voice.

Every dollar counts towards a Campaign willing to take a stand for your individual Civil Rights and having a President like Cody Robert Judy, you can be sure that your Rights are going to be stood up for because he's the one with a Record in Court to prove that actions speak louder than words. Helping him out today is going to help you out Tomorrow.

1) Judy v. McCain Las Vegas, Nevada 2008 U.S. Fed. 2)Judy v. Obama New Hampshire State Ballot Challenge Executive Court 3)Judy v. Obama New Hampshire State Superior Court 4)New Hampshire State Supreme Court 5)Judy v. Obama Georgia Ballot Challenge Executive Court 6)Judy v. Obama Georgia State Superior Court 7)Judy v. Obama Georgia State Supreme Court 8)Judy v. Obama Ballot Challenges United States Supreme Court 12-5276 9)Judy v. Obama Utah U.S. Fed Court 10)Judy v. Obama Utah Division Circuit Court of Appeals (Denver, Colorado) 11.) Judy v. Obama U.S. Supreme Court 14-9396

Other Courts
12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial
13-Amicus Curiae Filed in Berg v. Obama 2008
14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case
15-Amicus Curiae Filed in Military Court if Lt. Terry Lakin

The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Cody Robert Judy - U.S. President 2016
The 2016 Cody Robert Judy Campaign for U.S. President

CAMPAIGN NEWS FLASH - Please visit a couple more of our Campaign Web Pages that are up, remodeled, and going. First the "Bio of Cody" page is up and also the "NEWS FLASH" page is up which details a news flash about Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in the United States Supreme Court.

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