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Over the last few days America has been thrust into the Birther World yet again with lead Polling Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, who seems the perfect anti-establishment Porcupine- touch him and you will get a quill shot into you- attacking Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz on questions of his eligibility, or Constitutional authority to assume the Office of President should he be elected to it.

Mr. Trump has highlighted the facts that Senator Cruz was not born in America and his parents appear to both be Canadian Citizens at the time of Cruz's birth, which is the Time Frame required for the establishment of [natural born Citizen]. Cruz's mother was a U.S. Citizen at the time of her birth however may have been under her adopted Canadian Citizenship at the time of her son's birth as Canada required an oath of allegiance to work there, which may have been the reason Ted Cruz's father opted out of his native born Cuban Citizenship. Cruz only formally disavowed his Canadian Citizenship due to his desire to run for U.S. President.  

No documentation has provided proof that Cruz's mother was not a Canadian Citizen at the time of Cruz's Birth. New Treasures by Googling BIRTHER have over the last few days proven worth its weight in Gold. 

U.S. Senator John McCain opined the issue with Cruz was a legitimate concern and not illegitimate to look into. U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi chimed in the [natural born Citizen] qualification was an open door in the consideration of Ted Cruz. The White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest weighed in that he didn't know if Obama was taking a side on the issue but he was enjoying it after Obama's grief about being born in Kenya.

The common thread between Obama and Cruz of course is that of the disqualifying factor that both do not have fathers who were [Citizen] of the U.S. at the time of their birth. The dissimilarity is Obama claims he was born in Hawaii and Cruz birth is affirmed in Canada. Of course Obama provided a long form birth Certificate in 2011 after Mr. Trump took credit of picking Obama's own quill out of him but it only confirmed Obama was not [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] the definition of [natural born Citizen] the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed in Minor v. Happersett was never in doubt. Mr. Judy's appeal dealt with the lower Courts in contradiction with the precedent case.

Despite the Main Stream Media's ploy that the Principle Definition has been settled the fact remains McCain and Pelosi have got it right on this- its unsettled by the U.S. Supreme Court with two Presidential Candidates at odds against each other, both standing to lose a great deal based on the Principle definition observed in the Constitution Requirement.

The U.S. Supreme Court just two months ago DENIED a Motion for Forma Pauperis by a Presidential Candidate, Cody Robert Judy, the only Candidate for President in America with a bi-partisan Federal Court Record appealing the Principle on first McCain in 2008 and respectfully Obama in 2012 Case No. 12-5276 and '13 as well as 2014 Judy v. Obama 14-9396. 

In a YouTube Video released Today by Cody Robert Judy's Campaign ,CRJ Today for a Better America Tomorrow, Cody rehearses the 'bad behavior' displayed by the U.S. Supreme Court in denying his Motion for Forma Pauperis as a excuse not to hear his Writ of Certiorari based on:

1- The Federal Form being a 12 month Form
2-The U.S. Supreme Court granting his Motion in 2012 and 2013 Review
3-The District Court granting the Grant for Forma Pauperis in 2014
4-The Tenth Circuit Court granting the Forma Pauperis for a Review on Appeal.
5-The Fact the U.S. Supreme Court did not cite Rule 39.8 as a guideline for Denial of the 2014 Motion. 

Mr. Judy rehearses the Massive amount of money expended in the Main Stream Media on the eligibility question now in Ted Cruz's behalf and contrast that, if the U.S. Supreme Court handled the definition of [natural born Citizen] virtually every Main Stream Media (MSM) outlet has reported as speculation in over 50 pages of MSM Reports googled under Birther and Natural Born Citizen, that America would be better served rather than received pie-in-the-eye by the Courts silence.

BIRTHER Pie-In-The-Sky U.S. Supreme Court 

America on both sides of the issue would be much better served if the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) would affirm terms. Actually anti-birthers or the MSM in general would be much better served in the reporting of the issue Americans are finding troubling in the Trust of Government. 

Cody says that Anti-Birthers are actually the ones who should be clamoring at the SCOTUS for a decision on the issue, as Judge Napolitano  cited the issue on Obama may be moot due to Obama being in his 7th year and 2nd term of the Office of President. Even if he was disqualified he's only lose a year and if the ruling went in his favor, it doesn't affect him at all. 

Considering the peril that America could be found in if a Major Candidate walked into the U.S. Supreme Court say Hillary Clinton with a 49% popular vote loss to a 51% popular vote advantage by Ted Cruz winning the popular vote with his eligibility in question, the Country could be literally torn down with a Losers Rage! 

It makes so much more sense to hear Judy v. Obama 14-9396 so that an Election is not predicated on the Opinion and America can come together in an agreement of terms. For this reason we are hoping U.S. Senator Ted Cruz will accept the Challenge made by Cody Robert Judy that he and his Republican Senators would propose a U.S. Senate Resolution for the U.S. Supreme Court to hear Judy v. Obama 14-9396 and sending that to the U.S. Supreme Court.
The Challenge was issued on Cody Robert Judy's Twitter Account and sent to several Major Media Outlets.

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Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

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Every dollar counts towards a Campaign willing to take a stand for your individual Civil Rights and having a President like Cody Robert Judy, you can be sure that your Rights are going to be stood up for because he's the one with a Record in Court to prove that actions speak louder than words. Helping him out today is going to help you out Tomorrow.

1) Judy v. McCain Las Vegas, Nevada 2008 U.S. Fed. 2)Judy v. Obama New Hampshire State Ballot Challenge Executive Court 3)Judy v. Obama New Hampshire State Superior Court 4)New Hampshire State Supreme Court 5)Judy v. Obama Georgia Ballot Challenge Executive Court 6)Judy v. Obama Georgia State Superior Court 7)Judy v. Obama Georgia State Supreme Court 8)Judy v. Obama Ballot Challenges United States Supreme Court 12-5276 9)Judy v. Obama Utah U.S. Fed Court 10)Judy v. Obama Utah Division Circuit Court of Appeals (Denver, Colorado) 11.) Judy v. Obama U.S. Supreme Court 14-9396

Other Courts
12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial
13-Amicus Curiae Filed in Berg v. Obama 2008
14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case
15-Amicus Curiae Filed in Military Court if Lt. Terry Lakin

The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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