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Breaking Report: SuperDelegates Private Parties funded by TAX Payers in Primaries

Breaking Report: 
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SuperDelegate Private Parties funded by TAX Payers
 Democrat & Republican Primaries
Why not FUND my Private Party- At least you'd get a Drink and a Meal?

Increasingly America is waking up and becoming much more educated about the political process of our Modern Times with the information in the superhighway, but there is still a lot to learn. What is a Super-Delegate? Why are they necessary if Primaries and Caucuses are indeed the method of picking a Candidate for your Party? And who is funding these Private Parties?

Daily News in New York ran a story today that rather underscores a bigger problem - The Major Political Parties Establishments have high-jacked American Tax Payers footing the bill for their Private Party that resembles less and less a democracy in a public vote. 

Underscoring the chorus of foul on one hand are those people voting for a Candidate who is losing and the fact their Candidate can still win with the Establishments Super-Delegates Vote in a contested convention as we are seeing with the Republicans and their 1237 Delegate hurdle no Candidate has cleared yet. 

On the other hand, if your favored Candidate is losing in the delegate count and another Candidate is winning because of the Super Delegate pledges as we are seeing with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, then where's the incentive to even vote in Primaries and Caucuses if elite Super Delegates choose the Candidate anyway?

[The superdelegates who are elected officials are, for example, members of the House and Senate, Democratic governors and the Vice President as well members of the Democratic National Committee. Other superdelegates are “distinguished party leaders” like former Presidents, senators and House leaders.]

[To secure the Democratic nomination, either Clinton or Sanders must attain 2,383 total delegates before the party’s national convention in Philadelphia this July. In spite of Sanders winning 15 states — including some by an 80%-20% margin — over 94% of the 498 superdelegates have said they are backing Clinton.]

[Right now, if Sanders had the SuperDelegate votes that Clinton currently has, he’d be winning handily, with 1,444 total delegates to Clinton’s 1,272.]

Now if you really want to make Democrats and Republicans angry start telling them that they can't make the rules up in their own Party. Each party has different rules and they are also flexible and revised almost every year. That's why you see different Delegate Counts in each Party along with other differences. They both have their own systems.

No one really disputes or can dispute these as Private Parties. However the problem with that is when all of the Tax Payers [WE THE PEOPLE] are the mechanism in which these Private Parties are being funded in their Primaries with our Taxes.

Take Utah for example whose State Legislature dominated particularly by Republicans decided not to Fund Primaries this year with a three Million dollar Bill that would have funded all Political Party Primaries. Republicans I guess decided they didn't want to fund a Primary they could not vote in and told Democrats if you want to fund a Primary cough of the money in your own Private Party to do so.

The Utah Democratic Party said, "We don't want to cough up the money we have taken in from Democrats in our State to fund a Primary. We'd rather use the $100,000 that would cost for funding Democratic Candidates; and we think the State should pay for the Primaries.

The lack of funding turned out to be a disaster if you count participation as merit. Utah Primary Caucuses hosted the lowest turn out; down 200,000 votes from 2008 causing a bit of an embarrassment for the Republican Governor Gary Herbert who called after Utah's Primary Caucus dismal returns for funding the Primaries next year.

However, if we look at the responsibility then placed on Tax Payers shouldn't the Political Parties then owe some respect to assuring the return on democracy with a state funded primary rather than a dominated elite who controls the outcome of the nomination in the long run anyway?

"I mean if your going to fund a Private Party with Tax Payer money, why don't you fund my Private Party? At least those who came would get a drink and a meal". said Democratic Candidate for President Cody Robert Judy.

The Private Parties of the Democrats and Republicans are not assuring the General Voters in the Public that the Candidate receiving the majority of votes in their Private Parties is going to get the nomination of that Party.

 Instead Party Insiders or those Super Delegates are relying on an elaborate twisted set of rules that is flexible every year made to castigate Candidates who hit trip wires like not getting a majority of delegates in 8 states to get on the National Convention ballot for Republicans as in John Kasich, or denying a surging Candidate the moral compass of more Super-Delegates according to the votes in a particular State as in Bernie Sanders.

From the NY Daily ["Hillary Clinton is Congresswoman Lowey’s friend, colleague and her constituent, and she is behind her 100%,” Stanley added. “I would not under any circumstances switch my allegiance from Secretary Clinton to Senator Sanders,” Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks said.]

Does that mean even if Hillary Clinton is indicted by the FBI and charged with breaching national security with her #EmailGate private server and #PrincessPolicy good for others but not herself as Secretary of State? These Super Delegates can choose of their own accord and are not bound by any particular order of voting by the general public's vote in the Primary and Caucus season.

Now if a Candidate for President fails to get to the magic numbers in the Republican Party of 1,237 in the Republican Party and 2,383 in the Democratic Party during the first vote of the national convention, then their ties or responsibility to the Candidates voters sent them to vote for is undone and they are free just like Super Delegates to vote for whomever they will.

The contested convention scenario ends up being the conduit to disenfranchise the entire Nation of the Candidate they sent Delegates to Vote for in the first place. This really undermines the Primary System as a waste of tax payer funding.  Of course the repercussions of this over the years have spawned many different Political Private Parties doing their own version of what they thought was wrong and what might be improved upon.

The biggest problem with asking TAX Payers or WE THE PEOPLE to fund a Private Party is not even getting anything for it. Why can't these Private Parties fund their own Political Primaries if the Elite Class of 712 Super Delegates are going to decide who is the nominee in the Democratic Party is anyway? For a Party bragging about "Democracy" isn't that pretty far from it?

On top of the fact the the Democratic Party National Committee basically decided to limit Democratic Debates favoring Hillary Clinton's age and condition from that of 2008 to weekends when no one was watching, and to qualify for a Debate in the Democratic Party anyway you had to be [previously elected] (unlike Republican Debates who offered two Tiers of Candidates for Republican Debates spawning great interest and enthusiasm this year with upwards of 20 Million Viewers per debate and featuring three Candidates never holding previous elected office before in Trump, Carson, and Fiorina) a qualification that is not mentioned or included in the U.S. Constitution by the way, its pretty easy to see a disenfranchisement happening to voters and enthusiasm being feigned in the Democratic party.

This is not to say that the Republican Party Establishment is not up to some insider party trip wires setting up themselves, as Presidential Candidate Donald Trump leads in the Delegate Count but Ted Cruz and John Kasich have not retired their Campaigns holding out faith that Mr. Trump will not get to the magic majority number of 1,237 setting the Republican Party Convention into a Free for All Love Fest in the back seat of the Chevrolet with someone whose not very attractive while the Parental Voters watch aghast from their Televisions at Home with the understanding the footed the bill for this?

That's why I think in short you should simply send me your money for a Private Party where at least you can come and vote get a free drink and meal for $10. You'd get more for your money at my TAX Funded Private Party.

The process of Primaries has one other hiccup that I see very much on a serious note. The process of qualifications for the Office of the President has also been usurped in the name of the "Private Party". Basically "Private Parties". think Republicans and Democrats. can certify anyone they damn well please, fund the primaries with State Taxes, and guard their Nominee's with Elite Members of their Party.

If the Executive Branch has been co-opted in the Presidential Contested Race by Private Parties we are down to two Branches for a check and balance- The Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch.
The Legislative Branch 'makes laws' and is not equipped to hold Trials where Parties come in with evidence of an unqualified Candidate particularly noticed as the duty of the Judicial Branch. Of course I've explained in past post that the Legislative Branch has basically placed a Legislative Mandate on the confirmation that [natural born Citizen] born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents is the qualification for the Office of the President.

That leaves us the Judicial Branch to hold a Bench Trial and hear evidence between Candidates contesting qualifications of another Candidate with Standing. If the Judicial Branch refuses this Check and Balance Duty as it has thus far clear up to the U.S. Supreme Court in 12-5276 and 14-9396, then the "Private Party think R and D" unregulated and unbeholden to the U.S. Constitution, yet funding itself with TAX Payer money, that nominates the Choice of the Candidates to the People, has usurped the TAX Payer completely.

Democracy has failed and certainly the "Republic for which we Stand" , the one where the United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, has been usurped by an Elite Establishment. On both sides of the isle the anti-establishment movements are moving very fast to STOP this, and we are poised very nearly to lose the peace and tranquility of our Nation based on the failures of our Checks and Balances to their duty, not based on their employment.

To buildings and chambers of great heritage will come a purge of fire and destruction based on the immorality to the U.S. Constitution and those in Seats of Authority elected appointed "Dread" at their own sloppy work. They will have ruined their own cozy beds.

We may be in one hell of a mess come this Summer, unless the Checks and Balances are re instituted and honored.

Cody Robert Judy
Democratic Party Candidate for President

We salute The People who honor that which is unique in the world. We salute you AMERICA. May God Bless Our Union!


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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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