Monday, September 12, 2011

Comment To Washington Times Editorial- The Foreign Born Candidate

Washington Times Editorial Comment

The Foreign Born Candidate

As for the FEC, voters expect federal regulation organizations like this to at least dignify potential contributors with the respect of knowing that a 'constitutionally qualified candidate' is asking for their money. It’s the Federal Election Commission, not the Federal Where'd the money go Commission. With their help I could probably register my 2 year old son in the Presidential Race and collect a campaign war chest to spend on advertisement. The point; Doesn't the FEC have or bare any responsibility towards assuring voters that candidates for office are in fact Constitutionally Qualified? A simple declaration of candidacy with a penalty of perjury at the very least would take the FEC out of the legal loop and would not be hard for them to send out in their packet, or include in their on-line forms.

By the way, I’m running for President and sued Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama in a timeless waste of time for it takes a term of the President to take case to the U.S. Supreme Court. The real unfortunate value of Barack Obama’s picking up a few million before the primary is it sure looks good to the Democrat Party too. The qualifications of age were made of sound wisdom as was the Natural Born Citizen clause to indeed insulate the Presidency with a two generation buffer. That is a natural buffer that is indeed a safety net for our National Security and our Economy, anyone really want our nuke codes given to our known enemies to use against us, or our Treasury looted to the point of Obama’s spending more than all the presidents combined? Both these factors take in to account the strength of the United States and the key position to these is indeed that particular office, more so than any particular Representative or Senator.

After 9.11 wasn’t it our Government officials that said, “WE could never have imagined this type of event happening!”, at the same time NORAD was out on training ops for the exact thing happening? It’s always ok for reporters until it’s their own life that’s next on the sacrificial list of National Security breaches.

And my campaign committee name most definitively appropriate:
The Cody Robert Judy for United States President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

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