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Obama's Challenger Prying into the Democrat Iowa Caucuses Cody Robert Judy's Berlin Wall Call

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Viva NewsObama's Challenger Prying into the Democrat Iowa Caucuses Cody Robert Judy's Burlin Wall Call

Prying into the Democrat Presidential Primaries and Caucuses is much harder with an Incumbent President then it looks. Cody Robert Judy's campaign is having to do just that to a very unfriendly Democrat party who for all intensive purposes wants a carination for Obama rather then a primary challenger. The reputation of the high walls surrounding an incumbent is proving harder to tear down then Ronald Reagan's June 12,1987 challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev when he said regarding the Berlin Wall, "Tear down this wall".

The following email from the campaign illustrates that Mr. Judy has asked nicely to be included with no response from the Iowa Democrat Party for either Mr. Judy's request to receive email list of fellow Democrats who may be considered as Delegates at Caucuses or for his campaign to included on web sites naming those contending in the Caucuses. In the Republican corner you have most of the big named candidates receiving press and invited to the debates, but under the Democrat side Obama remains unchallenged despite contrary evidence at the Federal Election Commission who list The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C Eligibility Campaign as a registered organization with Cody Robert Judy as a listed Democrat for President in the 2012 Race.

The question remains unanswered by the Democrat National Committee who often list on their 'Candidates for Office" link those who intend to run for office. This National Site is the go-to site from which affiliated sites trust to update with registered challengers. Since Judy's FEC Registration on Aug 25th, 2011 and announcement letter of Aug 27th,2011 to 50 Iowa State Democrat party and Caucus leaders Mr. Judy has been unable to scale the high walls although his candidacy is qualified and eligible in every way.

Mr. Judy remarks " For all intensive purposes for which I am committed to be a choice for Democrats, the party at this time, is acting as a party of exclusion rather then a party of inclusion, and if the trend continues, I will be forced to take the action into Court proceedings for damages and unfair campaign practices by these party leaders. They will leave me little choice as they seek to disparage my campaign from the Caucuses and Primaries as if there was no such thing for an incumbent President to be challenged and it was their official duty to not recognize me rather then provide for Democrats the stage for candidates."

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility campaign has sent to the Iowa State Chair Sue Dvorsky and 2nd Chair Chris Petersen in Iowa as well as the Democrat National Committee a "Notice of Intent to Commence Action" should the discrimination towards his campaign continue with the cold shoulder towards his campaign and obvious endorsement of Barack Obama's with such things as Obama's logo plastered all over their web sites showing obvious bias and discrimination towards Mr. Judy's campaign.

"You know everyone in a campaign works very hard to get a campaign off the ground. We have money and thousands of hours that have gone in to organization, web sites, policy meetings, Print and Sign development, Television Radio and Internet commercials and social media's programs, and anyone who has been involved in a campaign knows this and how much work it takes. That's why it is so hurtful that when you get all that done and registered officially, a few party leaders decide discriminate against you. You know if they had to pay for it all they might be a little more understanding. We might have to go into court and get a Judge's Order or even a Judgment of damage to change the way these guys are working. I don't want to do that. I would much rather just be treated fairly and to be welcome by these leaders as to have them pulled into court for discrimination against me. I'm sure if you asked Obama he'd tell you he knows what I'm talking about.", said Mr. Judy, " This is not the respect that has come to be a tradition of the Democrat Party, its a shame and its got to change now."

Subject: Please include under Democrat Primary Caucus Cody Robert Judy
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 02:29:34 +0000

Democrats (

Dear Iowa Caucus Information, Iowa State Chair Sue Dvorsky & 2nd Chair Chris Petersen :

As an FEC registered and qualified Democrat Challenger to Obama in the 2012 Presidential Race, I would respectfully request that list my candidacy on all sponsored web sites, and if Obama's logo is going to be used that mine also be shown equally.

I respectfully request the the Democrat Party Caucus in Iowa list my candidacy in the Iowa Caucus on any such site advertising such equally, or place my name as a Primary Challenger to Obama on the Democrat site such that sites like this , that take their information off of can be updated and informed.

I have informed every major party chair and Caucus in Iowa as to my intention to compete as a challenger in the Democrat Iowa Caucus therefore:

I send this as a Notice Of Intention to Commence legal action against the Iowa Democrat Party and DNC if my campaign is further disparaged by unfair campaign practices.

Thank you for this immediate attention. My intent is to simply be treated fairly in the Democrat Nominating process.

Cody Robert Judy FEC # P20003372
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Elibility Campaign

Cody Robert Judy of Utah
• FEC P20003372
• Declaration of Intent of Candidacy: Thursday 25 August 2011
• Campaign website:

Would you please update this site by including my campaign under the Democrat Caucus? I am registered with the FEC as an official challenger for Obama in the Democrat Primary and respectfully request you list my legal challenge and qualified challenge on this page

Cody Robert Judy

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  1. Way to go Cody.
    I am with you 100%.
    Working hard with my bull-horn to inform people of your candidacy.

  2. Thanks Chris- just doing what we can ;) no more no less!
    Keep up the great work and thank you.

    God Bless You

  3. Chris -
    Here is our selling point to everyone.

    Congress's approval at an all time low, do we wonder why?

    The more people who support my candidacy for President the more Congress will sit up and take note.

    That's what we need to sell to We The People and then Congress will get it. ;)

  4. Cody,
    J.B.Williams's "2012 presidential candidate - one question only" says it best. I read it in postemail.
    Perhaps you can write to him and Canadafreepress to tell them you are the candidate that is asking this one question. If they mean what they say, they should help to broadcast your candidacy, drum up support for you, help you break the barriers by the Dem party leaders.

  5. Cody,
    At postemail's '2012 presidential candidates - one question only' article, JB Williams says it well!
    I strike it while it is hot - write to him to draw his attention to your candidacy. If they mean what they say, they really should endorce you and help you break down the barriers by the Dem party leaders.
    We'll see if there is any response.


  6. Hi Chris-
    I saw that and Canadian Free Press has had every press release and blog I've sent out to the press. JB Williams and I have gone the rounds with emails too, so he knows about me very well.
    Bottom line, he's blowing smoke up everyone's skirt because what he writes he doesn't mean, because if it wasn't the case, your exactly right, he'd endorse and promote my candidacy.

    JB Williams and I have exchanged emails especially about McCain, and from his correspondence I gather a rather partisan stance on the Republican side. In other words, "one question" to every candidate is a good motto I think because it has to do with so much that is important to the country, "Do you believe Obama is ineligable and not constitutionally qualified and are you willing to bring it on to your platform?"

    The same thing applies to so many birthers, Rev. Manning to, Orly Taitz whose out courting Republican candidates instead of backing up one whose on the Eligibility Train. It blows my mind on a daily basis Chris, to where I just have to say they are "acting" with these actions as hypocritical towards the Constitution in the presidential race as Obama did towards the NBC clause.

    We just have to keep at them Chris and keep our choice in their face and make them hold to their words in public.

    Charge! ;) Have a great day and keep the faith.