Thursday, September 15, 2011

Letter to Schedule Meeting with R Lamar Smith Chairmen of House Judiciary Committee

Dear Ashlee Binyard:

As the Administrative Aid for scheduling meetings with Representative Lamar Smith in his Chairmanship of the House Judicial Committee, and his pledge and stand in doing such for the Constitution, could you please arrange a meeting for me to discuss the following that I would bring to the House Judicial Committee?

1- The FEC's recent stand against the Constitution in regards to allowing anyone to solicit money in a run for President without regard to that person's constitutional qualifications to do so, per age restriction and natural born citizen requirement, representing a fraud to those contributing money and services for the candidate in that specific proposal.

The six commissioners of the Federal Election Commission are being tasked with a Constitutional question: Can a foreign-born citizen run for President of the United States? Guyana-born New York attorney Abdul Hassan would like to file papers, take campaign contributions, and collect federal matching funds for his candidacy.
PUBLIC COMMENTS ON DRAFT ADVISORY OPINION ( ) This is something that Congress has already ruled upon with hearings as recently as 2000.

I am also a candidate in 2012 for the Presidency, and am not only offended, but hurt financially by this, based on my own campaigns loss of revenue from potential contributions that basically are given under false pretenses to an unqualified candidate. This is fraudulent action perpetrated upon the voter and citizen contributing unawares of the candidates total lack of verification of qualification at the FEC level. A simple action by Congress mandating the FEC demand all candidates sign a statement under penalty of perjury as to their qualifications would go a long way in clearing this up. The Judicial Branch could then also have a breach of qualification standard with the candidates signature and penalty affixed of perjury.

As an expert witness in this, my testimony would be valuable to Congress and the public trust in the American Election process for the following reasons:

1- I ran as a candidate for President in 2008, thus had what is called 'standing'; I was in the race and was hurt by action subverting the Constitutions qualifications and demands of that particular political race. The campaign I ran as a qualified candidate was hurt by the foreign born birth of candidate Sen. John McCain and I levied a law suit in the Nevada Federal District Court against Sen. McCain and against non-binding U.S. Sen. Res. 511 as an unconstitutional breach of the Constitutional Demand for a President's Qualifications.

The result of that law suit disparaged nearly half of the country's vote because, though it was filed before the candidate became the R Parties nominee, the Judgment didn't come until after Barack Obama was a declared winner. I should mention that before Judgment came Barack Obama's qualification short comings were also made known in the law suit to the Court by submitting the entire argument being heard by the United States Supreme Court conducted by Esq. Phil Berg, whose standing become the base of the high court dismissal. I have also been a party to other law suits regarding the matter including a submission of my entire McCain law suit and Obama's qualification in a Motion for Joinder in a California case. I have also filed 3 Amicus Curaie's on the matter and testified under oath in a trial sanctioned by the 10th Amendment where Sen. Obama was found guilty of fraud and sedition by a jury of citizens from across the country who came together unawares of each other. I am the only Presidential Candidate to do so under oath in history as far as I am aware at this time.

2- As a candidate my standing of being qualified and hurt financially by candidates who were not qualified and popular has become a disgrace and treacherous sedition doing harm to the Constitution and all qualified candidates in an open rebellion against our Republic; and this is an action for Congress, of the magnitude of Watergate. More importantly at first, for the House Judicial Committee to hear, that a stop and clarification can be chartered according to law and Congressional hearings debated heretofore. If this is not done, the Judicial Committee's actions of the past in resolute for the Constitution's demands of qualifications are invalid, and a treachery of the most malicious sort prevails against The People's Representatives of the Constitution according to 6 persons in the FEC, and Congress be damned and by that The People of the United States, our entire political and election system, and the Republic for which we stand.

3- While the unfortunate claim of racism to conduct hearings of qualification on Mr. Barack Obama might be whispered as a pitfall towards any who gave Sen. John McCain a pass, albeit 'non-binding' and forsaking the House and a President's signature to become Constitutional, the statutory law of which I have testified and witnessed in Judicial Review, have painfully been excruciating for the Constitution assaulting the entire population, and the memories of those who have given all. My testimony is one of principle over party and is representative of all men equal under the law of which, I believe, is of great worth for the harmony of fellow men in the United States and for the security of the Republic.

My hope is that the confidence and trust of Congress's recent historical disapproval ratings in the public eye can be healed by forthrightly conducting hearings of verification for constitutional qualification of the Office of the President, assuming the burden on the many shoulders of Congress rather then any particular Federal Judge or Judicial Court where political election contention is a curse for professional judicial life. I would be happy and honored to testify to the Judical Committee and submit any and all verifications of my sworn testimony and complaints in this matter.

In my assertions Congress has authority to remove any such treachery and sedition under U.S.C. Amend. XIV Sect. 3's "Disability language" and U.S.C. Amend XX.

I may be reached by phone at 801-xxx-xxxx (please delete phone if reprinted or published)


Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

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  1. Good Job Mr Roberts from a fellow candidate of last election. Ed Schwarz