Monday, September 12, 2011

The Process of Electing Delegates at Democrat Primaries

The process of electing Delegates at Democrat Primaries
Informing those sympathetic with The Birther Movement with your Bull Horn

ATT: The Birther Movement Leaders

Recently I received this message about the Birther Movement Direction and I think it applies and is worthy of your consideration to publish, print, or pass-on to your mailing list because many really do not understand the Primary Process in Political Strategy.
Thanks. Bear with me. I am not too familiar with the process.
So we need Dem delegates to choose you in a Primary? Won't that be hard? Unless we have our own people in there to choose you, it is not likely that the Dem delegates are willing to choose a candidate who challenges o's elig. ( John Doe is referring to the Iowa and N.H. Primaries)
Given the odds of a Dem delegate choosing you, a constitutionist, I think the most important thing is to get the publicity, get people talking about obummo's challenger, get them talking/thinking about o's elig issue all through the election.
How do we do that? The lsm is hopeless..............

Its never hopeless so long as a few people decide its time to work together. ;) You got it. Yes, we will need Delegates to choose me. Won't that be hard? Well,... not if the Delegates want the Constitution to stand and don't agree with the Presidency being usurped by someone whose not qualified. :)Anyone with a little effort can be a delegate and the more you send to the meeting when Delegates are chosen the better chance you come out represented. It really is a bully run. Let's face it, any party can be infiltrated.

Many people think that all the D's are behind Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are abandoning Obama by flocks and herds and there is great turmoil within the D Party right now itself because they know many in the Tea Party are D's who have left the D Party, and are so demoralized about the hi jacking of the real Democrat Party they are ready to take action against Obama.

The Democrat Party that MLK Jr. represented in Civil Rights found in the Constitution, the Dem Party that JFK molded and shaped. You know JFK even wanted to put us back on the gold standard, which is fiscal responsibility. The Dem Party is made up of many diverse groups that in short are wonderful people. Obama high jacked the party with deception and foreign money right out of the gate.. it was foul. It was almost like they couldn't get their balance and were taken advantage of. Obama has betrayed the Democrat Party on so many fronts that they are ready to break, but they won't break for a Republican because it demands swallowing too much pride. It needs to be done in increments. If they will break first for "me" against Obama, that is where we need to begin.

Can you imagine a presentation to Democrat Delegates on the forgery as 'neutrally presented as possible, creating 'doubt' with the thought that R's are just waiting for the right time and that they need to abandon ship now for the sake of the party? Obama is trying so hard to maintain 'independents' and a few R's he's forgotten about his 'home base'.

Picture, if you will, wild horses being stirred up more and more until they break right through the corral wall. Obama's doing all the work to stir them up too, that's what’s so beautiful. He continues a war campaign in Libya reminiscent of Bush in Iraq that infuriated Democrats. He flips the bird at those concerned about smog and emissions touting policies far worse the Bush did. Hey, any day that Keith Olbermann agrees with Dick Cheney and disagrees with Obama is a Democrat Manifesto to abandon ship. That happened over Labor Day Weekend if you all didn't see it.

What we need to do... What can we do... Make'em Talk?

Informing people with your bull horn about the process is a very big key to success. I was thinking about how amazing this campaign is. I mean think about it. How often can someone in the Democrat Party move around and associate themselves with conservative circles? That is a rarity and its unique! You’re absolutely right on as far as getting people talking about Obama’s challenger. Hey the Republican nomination is filled with so many it’s going to be a blood bath choosing a nominee. Don’t bet that if Mitt Romney wins Rick Perry remembers his Democrat roots and throws support outside the Republican Party in a bitter angry tirade.

The Republican Party is far from united and the amount of candidates in the race is a testimony to its splintering up. Obama is counting on that and encouraging it and that provides another reason for we, as The Birther Movement, not to wait until the last game of the season to act politically against Obama in front of the R's. Obama has a slew of tricks up his sleeve for last minute plays in the General Election that won't work as well for him in a Primaries or Caucus for each State that start up as early as end of January. That's only 5 short months away.

What is so far removed from Obama’s mind that he isn’t concerned about it? The answer is “me”. What do I represent? Exactly what he did towards the United States Constitution, a a domestic enemy. I'm Obama's domestic enemy, or enemy within his own Party. Domestic enemies are far worse the foreign enemies, and its the cover of his domestic standard that is hurting us, so I offer The Birther Movement a headquarter right within the Democrat Party. People will look and talk about that because it’s terrifying.

Obama is acting as a foreign born domestic enemy and exposure is the key. Tyranny fails with the truth. The Birther Movement is comprised of many people and it’s the 75% of Republicans that need to be exposed to my candidacy and support it with one day’s labor. That would be the end of Obama. Their own Republican Candidates would pick up the issue because they’d see it was important to their constituency. The Birther Movement if it so chose to unite behind my candidacy would be the biggest prod towards Republican Candidates. Let's face it, Candidates move according to what's important to voters and when Trump was wielding a sword there were signs even Bachmann was swirling around the question, "How do we handle this?" She used 'attestation' as an excuse for Congress not holding hearings, but that excuse wouldn't last any longer. (Google Bachmann Attestation and my name.)

If WND, Orly Taitz, Canadian Free Press, Mario Appuzzo, The Post & Email, Dr. Manning, The Birther Summit Folks, everyone in The Birther Movement , if they all for 1 day would support my candidacy guess what? They'd be talkn about the circling wagons within The Birther Movement and it would scare the shit out of them. Let's face it, there will always be time to support your favorite R candidate in the General Election if you so choose, or if and when I'm flattened by the Obama steam roller, so what is really the harm in supporting me? Its a win win for you. If I win, Obama's out: If I lose, you still get to vote in the General Election. Doesn't The Birther Movement mean enough to you to at least support my campaign through the Primaries?

If I win the Iowa Primary let’s consider that OUR dreams coming true, because it’s a crippling blow to Obama, just like Rocky cutting the Russian with his punch in Rocky IV, as Rocky's trainer said to him in the movie, "You see, he bleeds, he's not a machine!" See Clip: Truly there's no easy way out, there's no short cut home.

More Republicans would come our way because we were united and speaking as one just like 70% of R's were ready to throw in with Donald Trump over the Birther Issue. Congress would be shaking in their boots, The Tea Party would swing and remember its roots, and Congress would buckle for Hearings on verification of qualification, or, Obama would resign the White House under his own Party’s Request over being shattered totally for the next 50 years. These are some of the touchdowns we have to look forward to if we unite our campaigns against Obama within the Presidential Race. You can maintain everything you’re doing independently, but let us be united in this Democrat Primary against Obama.

It’s a domestic enemy that topples governments… the inside job. I’m running as a Democrat. I’m within Obama’s walls. Will you please send me your Obama Eligibility Conditional Support by responding in the affirmative with what you think you can do to support me for 1 day corresponding with our shared concerns of The United States Constitution and our very hard work over many years? Let's get off the bench and start playing like a team. If you received this email your very important within the Birther Movement. You help is crucial and your leadership to many is heard. Will you not, when you are needed most sound your trump?

Thank you my patriot friends and please watch the video that I've just made and consider with all seriousness the affect you can have right now, and just how crucial it is to receive your help at this time. We can't delay; Fortune favors the Bold.

911 Birther Summit Report-Silver Tongue Republican from Cody Robert Judy

Cody Robert Judy

911 Birther Summit Report-Silver Tongue Republican from Cody Robert Judy 2012


  1. Very interesting and I love your thought process! If you could be nominated you would be debating the usurper and would definately score some votes! I know there are alot of us who would vote for anyone who has the cajones to make his non eligibility and lies to the public. You have a great oppurtunity to do what no one else has done. God Bless you!
    Check out this new site, you will get some deserved attention!

  2. Hi Charlene-
    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that. If I'm "nominated" , Obama's gone. In the Primary we do get to debate a little and speak to delegates, so I have the potential to meet Obama and make sure he doesn't ever debate Republicans because I get the Dem Nomination. I checked out your blog and thought it was nice and set up well.

    I look forward to seeing a story about my campaign there sometime in the near future. ;)

  3. i read a piece this morning which mentions a debate between Obama and Keyes in 2004 when obama was running for the senate. He admits to not being a natural born citizen and commented that he was running for the senate, not the presidency. This aired on c span and although I tried to find the unedited version I couldn't. Maybe you can have better luck than I did.

  4. Thanks for your comment I recall the piece also. We are not trying to prove he isnt a natural born citizen, we are trying to get Congress to move on what they already know. ;)

    That's the hard part lol

    Keep up you voice and thank you for caring.

  5. Congress's approval at an all time low, do we wonder why?

    The more people who support my candidacy for President the more Congress will sit up and take note.

    That's what we need to sell to Congress. ;)