Thursday, June 14, 2012

Appeal for Amicus Curiae on Georgia Supreme Court Case

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen:

Over the last year we all have worked very hard on the restoration of our U.S. Constitution and I have been happy to rub shoulders with you all.

This letter is really to a point of my consideration and respect for you in that work. Our fight is reaching a critical level in the time that we have to succeed. I don't think I have to tell you if Obama succeeds in becoming the Democratic Party Nominee that the probability of success in overturning that nomination and the billion dollars behind that has a small chance of success.

The damage has been great, but what will be done by Obama if he is allowed to either become the nominee or become the next President is incalculable. I don't have to tell anyone receiving this email that 'precedent' is being set and that precedent isn't about maintaining our Constitution , our Sovereignty, or our Liberty and Freedom. The lines on this are clear and the ever present danger is that we don't have enough people fighting for us.

The mainstream GOP Candidates are running on the 'hope' that our economy will be the manifest for repeal of everything Obama, but what about the history for our children to learn? What about all of our children? It pains me greatly to think about sitting in a History Class with a lesson being taught on the Constitution and how we used to have the freedoms and liberties in that document but foreign powers entered our White House and we became something else and it walked right in through the front door.

Bill Clinton's words have been engrained into the GOP Candidates heads...its about the economy. It appears with Marco Rubio's endorsement of Mitt Romney that a close may be happening in the GOP Race. Let me tell you I am a Conservative on the Constitution and running in the Democratic Party. I have now finished an Application for Review Petition to the Georgia Supreme Court. These are deep waters as any lawyer would tell you and when it comes to this level we are facing the same argument as we did in 2008 with 'standing'.

The problem with no main stream GOP Candidates taking a stand is viability. Independents are hard pressed to challenge Obama outside the Democratic Party as well. I am one who is challenging Obama within the Democratic Party because it makes the most sense right now in the Primary Season. That's the politics of party. I'm hoping the Georgia Supreme Court sees it that way too but I need your help.

Within the next few days, a.s.a.p, it would be very appreciated if you would file an Amicus Curiae in the Georgia Supreme Court Case No. S12D1584 with any and all influence you may have within your prospective arena's of influence with the interest of the Constitution being upheld as the key ingredient.

I don't have to explain to you how important this case is and inform you as a Presidential Candidate with Standing, who has also cited Sheriff Arpaio's legal 'cold case posse' findings, that this is critical. If the Court denies this, they have in fact denied a couple of very strong criteria's from which we have been whipped thus far in the Eligibility/Birther Movement... standing... jurisdiction.. and precedent.

The biggest problem we are facing now is the September National Convention for the Democrats is coming up. My feeling is that Obama can't be eligible to compete in that, or we will face a brick wall with the Court deferring to "The Political Doctrine Question" on any and all subsequent challenges.

We are running very short on time for a U.S. Supreme Court Appeal if my Application for Appeal is Denied in Georgia. Think about it.. we start getting into Sep Oct.. and if Obama is made the Nominee at the Democratic National Convention it's over...just like it was in 2008. While Mitt Romney's campaign is doing well, please bear in mind what a Billion Dollars looks like in the hands of Obama as the Nominee and the consistent barrage that a Billion Dollars on Mitt's weaknesses will look.

I am definitely an economic conservative and a champion for our Constitution. I think that is where both parties should absolutely agree and I hope even though I am a Democratic Party Candidate that you will take a close look at the questions presented to the Georgia Supreme Court on my Application for Review and write an encouraging note in the form of an Amicus Curiae along with urging your fellow colleagues where err they might be to do the same. The Court requested 10 days for this service as of June 8th,2012, so I am sorry for being tardy with this letter but do hope with your busy schedules you might find time to consider this very important time sensitive criteria we have in common with Obama set to take the Democratic Nomination.

If I can unhinge Obama and court the "bound" delegates at the National Convention Georgia's primary, and every other state in the union's primary wouldn't have been in vein on an ineligible candidate using tax payer money at the States Primaries to get elected because no secretary of state has got the God given brains to tell him he's NOT a natural born citizen and to go jump in the lake.

Yours most sincerely and Patriotically

Please check out this post which was also featured in The Post & Email today, I'm doing everything in my power to boost the public eye on this very important decision that the Court has until July 1st,2012, or 30 days from the day of Docketing which was May 31st,2012, to make a decision. God be with us.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy for President 2012
Youtube: CODE4PRES

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