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Yo, if you are going to lie, check the calendar. July 1 is a Sunday. Nothing is going to happen on a Sunday. And clerks never reveal that kind of information. on Breaking News.. Major Decision coming in July 1st,2012 Judy v. Obama Supreme Court Case in Georgia


June 12th,2012 my blog made an open comment that the Georgia Supreme Court would make a historic decision July 1st,2012 the blog entry went viral, but I think it was more because of my reference to the analogy of Seabiscuit being small in stature, looked upon as ‘poor’, and expected or trained to lose, then the date of July 1st,2012.

This is delightful example of the perception of truth and the mentality of those earnestly seeking truth and those that seek the false. You know Jesus said in Matt Ch.7 verse 7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”

Interesting side note of the verse he says, “Give not that which is holy unto dogs, neither cast ye peals before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

Now I love Lassie, and most all dogs and I love eating pork and watching porky pig too on Disney, but I guess this is an example of my getting growled at and squeezed by Old Yeller after he was infected with rabies and being made the brunt of ‘ Charlotte’s Web’ reading “Not So Terrific Pig” regarding Wilber, because rather then look for the truth or asking, many obots simply went to the calendar and decided it was impossible for the Supreme Court to issue a decision on July 1st ,2012 because it fell on a Sunday.

That was credit enough to de-bunk the whole statement for the splenetic Anti-Birthers to poke fun and ridicule my statement on half the sites, using me as good sport and target practice.

Now I’d say 75% of Americans totally got it. They understood from my statement that the Clerk of the Georgia Supreme Court had in a phone call stated that the Georgia Supreme Court, under normal operating rules and procedures, issued decisions on such as I had docketed, 30 days from the listed date of Docketing.

While I did not release any press about it until June 7th,2012, due to the nature of insightful courses being dialogued within the Supreme Court and other Government Agencies involved, the record shows it being Docketed May 31st,2012, and of course 30 days from that date would be July 1st,2012.

To the Anti-Birthers credit July 1st, 2012 does indeed fall on a Sunday; and again to their astute credit The Georgia Supreme Court has under the banner of God Almighty, faithfully, taken Sundays’ off. (Side note to self- Do you think one would be arrested for praying on their steps when they weren’t there?)

Of course in truth, Sunday does not prohibit the Justices of the Georgia Supreme Court from reading, contemplating, and indeed making a decision on Sundays, it just probably wouldn’t be announced till the Court opened on Monday. There are indeed some other possibilities that thicken the anti-birthers demand to nail down exactly what the Supreme Court of Georgia does and doesn’t do.

For instance, nothing prohibits the Court from making a decision sooner than 30 days either, I mean it could be June 25-29th,2012 and never forget the court asserts the rules and procedures as ‘general guidelines’ rather than exacting to, “infinity and beyooooond!”, as we might here Buzz Light Year declare in Toy Stories Tim Allen’s voice.

Of course my declaration that July 1st, 2012 would bring a decision, does allow generously the Court latitude for anytime before July 1st and after, truly by necessity, they are usually not open for Heaven’s sake.

You know it is really hard to believe that anti-birthers, such as Romney and Obama, are so exacting to my words. One would suspect that someone so exacting would definitely be upset about the Constitution’s “Natural Born Citizen” clause being somewhat different for the office of the President then the office of U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators, for instances really not worrying about elementary kids running for any office or for that matter foreign heads of other countries.

I mean why should we be upset about speed limits through school zones, or actually paying for anything in the stores either? With their mentality the Constitution should be read generally and not exacted or is that just for them and not for us?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just say “I’m sorry” like Mitt Romney did for pinning down and cutting on his fellow high school class mate, instead of being charged with assault and battery carrying a 1-15 year felony? Or, with his hands on the steering wheel, been somehow charged with involuntary man-slaughter for the car accident that happened on his LDS Mission in which life was tragically lost. Can you imagine how different Mitt Romney’s life would have been if he’d had a felony and been charged rather than receiving passes?

Of course Attorney General Eric Holder’s life would be different too if he is charged a 5-life for every gun he’s handed over to known drug runners leading to a death or a crime, as they are, for instance, either doing or considering in Chicago for the leaders of gangs, where the murder rate has spiraled up rivaling the deaths of our military in Afghanistan.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch said Holder ought to resign but not be sentenced or charged because he’s basically a good man. Sen. Hatch also assumes Obama a good man for the fraud and forgery he’s been involved with on America and her Citizens regarding his eligibility and person as Barry Soetoro.

Exacting the law may not look so attractive if it really is good for our leaders as it is for the rest of us because you can all see just how fast everyone ends up in prison, everyone you may be considering voting for President has done something that would under exacting conditions be considered worthy of Prison, they just didn’t get caught or they got a pass in their history.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of my statement that the Georgia Supreme Court would make a historical decision. Of course after a decision is made, either way, it does become part of the history of the Court which in all fairness is referenced historically.
If the Georgia Supreme Court Justices deny my Application to them, it will be historical in nature in saying that a Presidential Candidate doesn’t have standing, that the Court doesn’t have jurisdiction, that political parties don’t have any constraints in submitting unqualified candidates, that the Secretaries of States don’t have any authority to deny unqualified candidates, that tax payer money financing primaries can be used to promote in a primary any candidates regardless of age or demand of Constitutional requirement, that the Constitution can be constructed by one man instead of 2/3rds of Congress, and /or that there is no clause in the Constitution that ought to be exacted according to the justice we have known over the past 4 years in the qualifications of the Office of the President, and that generally everyone who has been convicted of fraud or forgery in Georgia ought to be given a get-out-of-jail pass on the merits of justice for all.

Personally, if the Georgia Supreme Court Justices do make a decision on July 3rd that affirmed my Application, July 4th would be a real ‘Independence Day’ to celebrate with additional enthusiasm for the Constitution celebrated after our Revolutionary War from England, and July 3rd is my son Cassidy’s birthday, so that would be an additional extraordinary event in my book.

One last thought about exacting dates, the ridicule I received reminded me of what would happen to a pregnant women who said her due date was July 4th and because the doctor was having a barbecue on July 4th, considered July 3rd okay. Obots probably would have thrown the women on the floor and kicked her belly till the baby was dead because she said she was due July 4th and the birth announcement came a day before.

Thankfully the general idea of July 1st ,2012 was understood by Birthers, and incredibly forwarded and spread around. I would like to personally and sincerely thank everyone who did so with the enthusiasm of good news because as everyone can see it just isn’t being covered by the main stream media (MSM) or even by many typically conservative news outlets we are accustom to hearing from on such principles.

I would definitely like to express my appreciation for all the facebook groups, blogs, and The Post & Email editor Sharon Rondeau for considering that “The People need to know”.

Cody Robert Judy

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  1. The case was dismissed today. Was that your "historic" announcement?