Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Commercial & Three Important Q's about Georgia Supreme Court Case Judy v. Obama

Request from The Post & Email
Hi, Cody, could you answer a few questions and I'll feature your announcement as our blog of the day tomorrow:

1. You are representing yourself, correct? Is any attorney assisting you (or would you rather not say)?

2. Where will the case be argued on July 1?

3. Where can your latest pleadings in the case be found?

Thanks, Sharon

Dear Sharon;

Nice to hear from you.. and hope you are doing well. Direct to your questions okay ;)

1- Am I Representing myself?
Sharon this is a very important question because it addresses an issue which desperately needs to be aired out within the Birther or Eligibility Movement. I know some people take offense to having it called the Birther Movement. I don't, because a Birth symbolizes a "a new beginning" and in some ways that's what our Constitution represented when it dawned upon the world.

"Yes", I have not had any of the "Eligibility Attorneys" offer any help. I don't mean to imply that they are necessarily obligated to help or anything, its just that I have had to struggle so hard by myself to get this action in the Supreme Court and its totally different then 'just' a ballot challenge simply because it does feature all of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigation as credible evidence in the case as I submitted it to the Superior Court March 2nd,2012 one day after its release and I do have standing. The BIGGEST lesson learned from 2008-2011 was what?

Once you get out of a Administrative Law Court and into a Judicial Court Proceeding you had better have a Presidential Candidate as a Plaintiff, preferably one who is challenging in the same party and has some viability to address the political doctrine concern, because for instance, Republican Candidates who have no chance of getting the parties nomination are not "viable" contenders to challenge; and your Presidential Candidate must be contending in the 2012 election and preferably also did so in 2008 (ie., Allen Keyes, Leah Lax,Lori Roth- Orly Taitz and John Dummet - Van Irion ) That's it folks, and then you have to ask yourself how viable is that campaign? That's what the Justices are going to ask so why shouldn't you?

Now I am not apposed to receiving legal counsel, as I showed myself willing with Orly Taitz when this action began in the administrative court in Georgia, but she was unable to continue the case in the Superior Court based on a Judges ruling, and is not viable in the Supreme Court due to her being sanctioned by the Georgia Judicial Branch in the case where she was sanctioned twenty thousand dollars in Rhodes v. McDonald for trying to get court 'standing' on the eligibility case of Obama from a military person after the 9th Circuit ruled the military personnel don't have standing in Barnett v. Obama, she also conducted.

The 9th Circuit Federal Appellant Court taught us those lessons, so how does anyone expect to be successful outside that parameter with a "Citizen" Ballot complaint if it is not successful in the executive court level? You might as well throw your hands up in the air as soon as you enter a Judicial Court who has a ton of more requirements and law to continue to uphold.Why be concerned with that?

Well, if your concerned about the Constitution and Obama running around the Constitution's eligibility requirements why wouldn't you be addressing the Courts in a way that was harmonious with prior rulings? Many resources are being wasted in a movement that is trying to get its feet on the ground. If the "principles" are the most important thing to us, then these problems must be addressed and acknowledged by everyone within the movement, so that a more cohesive effort can be made in the right direction.

Now I don't mean to belittle anyone's efforts or zeal in this movement. I simply don't want people banging their head on the same brick when its a fruitless effort according to law that has been ruled upon by very high Courts already.

My case Sharon represents a very unique charge to justice simply because I have standing as a Presidential Candidate in the same party, with a viable campaign that is competitive and you could call me "Grandpa" in the Birther Movement. I think it is important to understand that this is not a racial movement and that is indeed about our Constitution.

You recall I sued Sen. John McCain 3 days before he was made the nominee at the GOP National Convention in 2008 because he is a Panama son and could run for President in Panama very easily as a native. He probably could have given Panama President Ricardo Martinelli a run for his money in 2009. In the Judy v. McCain case filed in Federal Court in Las Vegas, the Judge literally stalled in defiance of procedure until McCain had lost or until he could rule the case was "moot" because McCain lost.

Of course that ruling wasn't very considerate of Republican voters, but I'm really glad McCain lost. I was thinking we would really be in more of slight progress down hill if he had won and his birth, known to be outside any military complex, and Congress's "naturalization" act that gave him "Citizenship" compiled upon the Obama co-sponsored U.S. Senate's Act of non-binding Senate Resolution 511 that confirmed McCain's 'natural born citizen' status, would I think be a bigger peril then Obama's eligibility now. Sometimes its the slight progress down hill that is easier nudged further then a dramatic drop off a cliff as we currently face with Obama's eligibility.

I think that is important to address because some polls have shown a little over half of the Republican Party and Independents according to 2012 polls are Birthers, and near 25% of Democrats, according to the definition and if they don't come to terms with that the Republicans will face just as much collateral damage as Democrats when Obama's usurpation ends.

The Birther Movement is a very prevalent factor for the Courts to consider in that the general population in a near 50% margin consider the eligibility of the Office of the President is very important to our National Security and Economy, and there is no question that the Birther movement will candidly affect a bottom line of 25% of active voters,or 1 in 4 voters across the board, which we know has the power to sway the election.

Now for CNN and several other main stream media (MSM) companies, that would represent success and a real increase of their audience but they still aren't giving us the time of day, but I think that is going to change very quickly over the next couple of months as we begin to send or make the news to MSM instead of having them spoon feed it. The respect that they are giving 25% of the Country is atrocious and is an example of pre-conceived notions Birthers are knuckle-draggers according to an elite class of media personnel and corporate interest controlling them.

You may also recall in 2010 I testified, under oath, as a Presidential Candidate with standing in the CIA COLOMBIA OBAMA SEDITION AND TREASON TRIAL that was a key factor in legally getting a "guilty verdict" in front of a 10th Amendment Jury of Citizens. Without that testimony its very conceivable that the 12 person jury would not have felt compelled to the verdict and while it was a 10th Amendment trial and not a Judicial Branch Trial, it is worth bearing in mind that these citizens that served on that Jury were indeed very conscientious law abiding citizens taking that responsibility very seriously and doing so with no compensation whatsoever.

Americans have a real loyalty to Justice when it comes down to it, and at the same time we are a very forgiving people, but that in no way means that we don't respect our law and the fact our United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and that it is a cohesive document glued together like a beam resisting flippant construction.

Your Second Question. Where will the case be argued on July 1st?

The case will be argued within the Georgia Supreme Court and their decision I should have by July 1st,2012 and then we will proceed according to that decision. The case was Docketed May 31st and a decision will be rendered within 30 days that will allow us to proceed according to the verdict. The good news about that is its happening before the September 2012 National Democratic Convention.

Of course you are aware of the case in Weldon v. Obama - Counsel Van Irions, and combined Swenson v. Obama - Powell v. Obama Counsel J. Mark Hatfield that was combined once again show us when a plaintiff lacks "standing" the Court lacks jurisdiction and thus the Supreme Court denied both Weldon and Swenson/Powell without opinion.

My case will be historic in nature because it differed in two distinct ways as I've said. I do have "standing" and I submitted as evidence a law enforcement cold case posse investigation in the Superior Court that now is on the Supreme Court's plate. That doesn't mean I am going to win, it simply means the Court has many more questions answered in the affirmative in my case as to justifying or affirming my Application where the others were denied.

Your Third Question. Where can the pleadings be found.

Here is the link where anyone can read 67 page Application for Review the Supreme Court will also be reviewing. Barring the complications that arise from sua sponte filings that arise from complications and time restraints, I will try to post any other filings here for public inspection and review. The Court Number for my case is found under Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Obama Case No. S12D1584 and of course certified copies can be obtained from the Court at a cost per page.

Here is the latest Campaign Commercial featuring the stand being taken in the Supreme Court of Georgia, AND as always I must cordially invite all who do care about this issue to please do what they can to help this campaign. You can share it on your social networks and tell your friends about it, but you probably will not hear about this from the MSM or main stream media, so if you can please consider a contribution to help me get the commercials on the networks to inform more people about what's going on. You can visit my contribution page here:
and while many do not want to contribute until someone wins, it still takes money to win and riding the coat tails of a fancy that doesn't fight for the Constitution and defend the integrity of the highest office of the land is about the same as contributing to Obama's campaign.

Seriously folks, I need your help yesterday, so please consider helping any way you can.
"Eligibility Stand"

"Its' Getn' Hot In Here" 30 Sec. Georgia Supreme Court.


Cody Robert Judy


  1. I don't want to burst anybody's bubble , but don't expect a decision for 6-months, unless we are lucky.

  2. We are going to have one much quicker then that Gerry that will tell us what's happening. The Court has 30 days to make a decision from the time it was docketed which was May 31st,2012.. so we should know what road we are going down by then.