Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking News.. Major Decision coming in July 1st,2012 Judy v. Obama Supreme Court Case in Georgia

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"I talked to the Georgia Supreme Court Clerk today and she informed me that a HISTORIC DECISION will be made on July 1st,2012! Is America ready to ride this horse to the finish line? "
- Cody Robert Judy -

Could this be the Sea-biscuit America has been waiting for?

If you recall the Seabiscuit story- he was puny, walked with a limp, and had been trained to lose to better horses to boost their confidence. He didn't look like any kind of a race horse , for they were large.. yet somehow this little horse inspired people with his heart and willingness never to give up.

Sometimes all anyone needs is a second chance and America is just the place to do it. Can America show Washington DC that all the little people make up what has made America Great by supporting a Candidate who isn't wealthy, hasn't held office, but understands the Constitution and has a vision for America to make her solvent. Just because politicians in Washington DC keep dolling out of a bankrupt checkbook doesn't mean we have to keep letting them do it?

They want America to be down ... to think that we aren't great. To think that we must be told what to say, what not to say, how to think and how to pray. They want to make it so you can't plant a seed in the ground and watch it grow because they want to take your independence away.

It seems that most politicians in Washington DC pander an atmosphere to America that we cant do... we can't say.. and we can't think. Well I say they are wrong.

We know what the Constitution says. We know our forefathers didn't want foreign influence living in the White House in charge of our military might. We know we have been given a chance to reap what we sow. To work and prosper and keep what we make.

Increasingly apparent is Washington DC's desire to place America on crutches.. so we don't use our muscles. So we think we are lame.

Well to hell with that! I say we are strong. I say we can think for ourselves. I say it is time to make sure Washington DC knows who is strong in this Country and that every Citizen in America is stronger with his Constitutional protected rights then most Citizens of any other Country.

That starts with TAKING A STAND. Thats why I entitled my book Taking A Stand. Because there comes a point and time when you just can't take any more. When you realize that what you hired politicians to do isn't being done.

Now some people have said they don't think that the qualifications of the highest office of the land matter that much, that are demanded by our Constitution. How is it that I can say I am more constitutionally qualified to be president then Obama is?

I can say that because I am without a shadow of a doubt a "natural born citizen"

Now we all know that means born in the United States to 2 Citizen Parents and it just goes to show people that if Politicians in Washington DC are willing to bend the Constitution on a point that is so elementary, just what do you think they are willing to do on points of your personal Bill of Rights?

That's right! They are willing to trash them. All of a sudden the danger becomes one person .. individually.. doesn't matter. Well how about 10, or 100 or 1000 or 100,000... what number matters if each person doesn't matter?

That is why by God I have been inspired to draw the line in the sand on the eligibility issue. I know and I understand that.. but hey Washington DC just doesn't get it?

Of course they get it. They are not stupid...but they think you and I are. Well, that mentality is like the hired man all of a sudden thinking that the people paying his wage doesn't have any sense in knowing what color of paint they want and painting the house the way he thinks it should be painted.

Can you imagine the outrage of walking into your house painted something totally different then what you wanted it painted?

Holy cow, all hell would break lose. Then on top of that can you imagine the painter you hired really telling you that you were crazy or fringe for telling him to paint it the color you wanted?

Well that is exactly what these elites in Washington DC are doing and it has got to stop now! Please take a stand with me, spread the word. Share this with all you know..information is a key and we have got to inform and educate more people to exactly what is going on.

My case in the Supreme Court in Georgia represents much more then myself. It represents America's history... every man or women or child who has died for our Constitution. Think about placing all that blood up on the scale and betting against it. That's what Obama has done! He has defiled the U.S. and it has got to stop now.

Please log on to www.codyjudy.us and help Cody with a contribution today and Share the images that are catching American's eye right now made by one Patriotic American Bruce Goldwell! Imagine what you can do if you take action right now and share this with your friends?

Check out all the commercials that are ready and waiting for your dollars to tell Washington DC they are on notice, and to share with your friends HERE.


The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy

Just a final thought I was thinking today at about 6am while I was jogging my 4k. The thought went through me like a ton of weight as I was thinking about this. You know I am a Christian and I love the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Well one thing that dawned on me this morning in the cool crisp air was when Jesus said, "You will always have the poor with you" John 12:8 Well, I started thinking about the "poor" politicians that have represented the Constitution so poorly, and I thought you know Jesus was right.

Jesus knew Obama could spread the wealth all he wanted but we would still have his poor sorry ass with us. I just hope Democrats all over finally decide not to ride his horse into the Democratic National Convention and choose a real Constitutional winner... and that sure isn't Mitt Romney who is rich but has represented the Constitution so poorly in the eligibility issue we have been dealing with.

Don't forget Mitt was running in 2008 and his tune hasn't changed a bit on Obama. He still calls him President.


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  2. "I talked to the Georgia Supreme Court Clerk today and she informed me that a HISTORIC DECISION will be made on July 1st,2012!"

    Soup... or salad?

  3. www.wheresobamasbirthcertificate.comJune 14, 2012 at 7:55 AM

    Thank you. I read your blog and profile and agree with you. Good luck in Georgia.

  4. Yo, if you are going to lie, check the calendar. July 1 is a Sunday. Nothing is going to happen on a Sunday. And clerks never reveal that kind of information.