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The PATRIOT FIGHT in SCOTUS for the Constitution JUDY v. OBAMA 14-9396 Hanging by a THREAD

The PATRIOT FIGHT in SCOTUS for the Constitution JUDY v. OBAMA 14-9396 Hanging by a THREAD

As we approach the end of June many people have been making comments and asking questions about the United States Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 that I'd like to take a little bit of time to discuss in this post. Just to update briefly June 18th The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) had a conference date for my Case. The case was placed on the "Pending Motions List" rather then being outright put out to pasture on the "Dismissed List", which very easily could have happened. What that did essentially was breath a little oxygen into this Case. No other case having to do with Obama's Ineligibility has made it past the Original SCOTUS Conference date given to it in the nearly six years challenges have been being made. Now, what is happening in the contentious waves of the oceans of people becoming aware of this?

Many more people are becoming aware of this Case, and realizing that most of the Cases that Obama has been involved with in some way challenging his eligibility to be President according to the Constitution's demands for the Office of the President have never even seen the light of day insomuch as being given a hearing within a Court of Law, let alone the Supreme Court of the United States. What is the logistics or cause of this?

Well, among Obama die-hard supporters there is a theory that Obama is the ONLY acting Office really legally holding any authority in the jurisdiction of the United States right now. As preposterous as the Media has made "Birthers" out to be, this theory running through and very much outwardly spoken and written about among "Obots", or Obama Supporters, is really haunting. The theory supposes that because Obama was elected as an ineligible Candidate by The People of the United States of America, the Constitution is actually no longer a valid document. As you know the U.S. Constitution outlines the Offices of U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators and outlines the individual States. [Image Source Gaateway Pundit .com]
So, this very theory is the way that Obama thinks and its how he is governing. You may have heard about Obama wanting to redistrict neighborhoods using the 'Federal cart-rope' of subsidized housing that communities and States receive. With this "tool" Obama claims authority to withhold Federal Funds if say there is not enough "subsidized" housing opportunity in that neighborhood. The States could lose millions upon millions if they didn't meet a criteria of getting subsidized housing in rich neighborhoods.

The affect of this is a redistricting of the vote essentially neighborhood by neighborhood and its being said Obama's been saving "the best for last". The Goal is to displace by the numbers the voters in areas more responsible for upholding economic class difference. It will annihilate the prospects of Republicans in the vote by moving people in neighborhoods and districts that are dependent upon Government subsidies, but we've already talked about the Republicans never gaining the White House as a party again because they will not and refuse to actually "use" the Constitution against Obama in his ineligibility. Now ask yourself "Why?"

As Obama's policies begin to reflect and resonate his strategy among the people, an exponential alarm is resounding. This explains the high PROFILE reasons my Case is gaining attention not seen before, even in 2012! The Elected Office in our Government as Representatives, Senators and the "States" and their elected Governors and Legislatures who depend upon BORDERS and outlines for their authority has been 'washed away', according to Obama and his minions and their 'proof' is that Obama was elected as an ineligible Person into the Office of the President. These same folks are stating that the Supreme Court of the United States, as well as the lower Tenth Circuit and United States District Court actually has not authority to even rule on my case and that is why it was ruled as 'frivolous' from the beginning. They are stating the Courts of Law have no authority over Obama whatsoever and neither does Congress because Obama won over the authority by and through the People's Vote. Could that possibly be the Case?

People have not understood how serious this is. Now you might say, as I do and my Petition States, that Obama was 'elected' under false circumstances, conditions, under an identification that was false. That because of these facts, this so-called 'winner take all' authority and mentality of his is also false. My Court Case in the United States Supreme Court asserts in the FIRST QUESTION, that if the Court refuses my Case it negates and disbands its entire authority under the United States Constitution. People have mocked me because of that assertion, but its true and Obama and his Supporters believe it also.
Now the comment coming out of this guy over at was banned and the reason is Obama and his supporters don't want this information getting out to the general public and going viral because he's second term isn't finished yet. It did not represent correctly that I sought 'damages' from injury after the Government refused to recognize an ineligible President. The Government in fact has not recognized any of that evidence yet and very importantly, there are more people involved than just Government officials forming an illegal Cartel. Obama's actions as a Candidate, his Campaign for President is for example an entity not subject to Government protections of immunity. The Government Leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi were not 'acting' under the color of her position either. When she certified Obama '08 that was not under the duty of her elected position, but rather from her being speaker of the House a position she was acting in elected by her colleagues not the public. Other people named in the suit do not hold elected offices who are DNC Leaders and do not have such immunities at all, nevertheless are involved heavily round down to the local level. Also it is incorrect that if my Judge in the District Court level recognized Obama as ineligible he would have found himself out of a job. Simply stated my suit begins before Obama was even in the Office of the President and contends that over two elections. Its not my fault the Government hasn't given it hearing and they have received evidence from law enforcement authority.

Obama's second term isn't over yet. This story depicts in its headlines "Obama sheds cool style for fearless final lap". It states, [It may also be in recognition that he has few big-ticket policy achievements left to enjoy in polarized Washington as the end of his two-term presidency approaches.In a remarkable week for the president, a victory on Pacific Rim trade was snatched from the jaws of defeat on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. The Supreme Court on Thursday validated his signature healthcare law, guaranteeing he would accomplish a central second-term goal, to protect the 2010 Affordable Care Act from being dismantled by Republicans. The icing on the cake came on Friday with the high court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage,.. After the court decision was announced, Obama took a Rose Garden victory lap.]

I don't recall Obama being the one that was at the Court, but it appears he feels this decision is due to his authority more than the Courts. I disagree and recognizing a 'two term presidency approaching' leaves what a third term kind a maybe open, maybe through Sanders or Biden as Hillary's Campaign is threatened by racketeering charges set for a January 2016 Trial?

Now its really anyones guess as to the circumstances that may unfold prior to the 2016 elections fully 18 months away with economic and military sabers rattling the world over. I mean really, if fraudulent circumstances can accommodate two United States Elections in the Presidency Race of 2008 and 2012, why not WWWIII to keep it going? Without the U.S. Constitution there is no 14th Amendment for which the decision to honor same-sex marriage exist. Stated more plainly, Obama opposes the same-sex union under the auspices of a United States Constitution he is a walking talking violation of in the Office of President. The LGBT Community has not done themselves any favors supporting Obama and in fact have caused themselves harm. Its very important to realize that as I related more heavily in my last post.

Obama's near total abandonment of even Democrats is resonating strongly as he managed a first flight on Air Force One to House Speaker Republican Boehner as well Republicans have managed passage of Obama's request for the FAST TRACK Trade Deal as Democrats dug in their heels against their own nominated White House Resident about it.

The picture is becoming clearer and clearer to more and more people as well elected officials who have couched and shied away from the qualification demand for the Office of the President that Obama fails. As they begin to look to see really what Law is Governing who and why more questions then answers are coming. Have the People actually unknowingly disbanded the Officers Elected as Representatives and Senators, Disbanded the Court's held under the United States Constitution's Standards, and Disbanded even the outline of the States and their respective Officers under the Constitution by electing an ineligible unqualified person in the Office of the President? The tangible evidence against Obama's being elected under fraudulent identity is clearly a Ghost Buster. Here's a video I put out in 2012 Campaign that enumerated some of these.

Obama Ghost Busters

I believe Obama feels as a Constitutional Law Professor their is weight to that theory and he is taking full advantage of it while the Courts and the Officers of the Government under the Constitution try to fight with one hand tied behind their back because they have no standing in Court to challenge Obama's two election wins. The only one who does and hasn't been labeled a 'racist' by the Main Stream Media because he also sued McCain in 2008, is Presidential Candidate in '08, '12. and '16 Cody Robert Judy, (me). That Case is Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in the United States of America's Supreme Court right now, because I have never ceded a loss to Obama in those elections technically in Court holding my standing firm.

Now they got a few things wrong in the assumption. That story over at was actually published before the Court upheld my Case on the "Pending Motions List". The author of it pretentiously publishing it at Midnight the day of the June 18th Conference, and admitted after my Case was not Dismissed that it had to be rewritten or reworded.

The Court did not Dismiss my Case, but his story is out there when you google my name creating uncertainty and question that forces me to address the issue and his headline as a lie. The story is damaging our fundraising abilities and I'm sure that is figured in its purpose. The Founder admits in a story "The ephemeral nature of the Birther Movement" his purpose has been served and plans retirement in 2017, and that should tell you very clearly how vital the site has been in Support of Obama. [I’m giving Cody Judy the kind of coverage that would have been reserved for someone like Orly Taitz just a few years ago.][I can’t remember when the last birther lawsuit was filed. Come my retirement in 2017, we’ll see if there is anything left.]

The public outrage in the assumption that they were "Taken Advantage Of by Fraud" in the elections of 2008 and 2012, and that they did not know or understand that they were in theory voting the United States Constitution completely void and all its Officers, Courts, and Boundaries out with their vote for Obama while understood in the legal minds is not something I believe the public is in agreement with. However, their support is extremely lacking to say different as my Case hangs by a thread in the Supreme Court of the United States!

I'm telling you people if you do not start supporting this Case and I mean by the hundred, and thousands, and millions of dollars of contributions we are headed for a hell of which you cannot imagine! Far be it for me not to have spelled it out very plain and clear to you because I have done that and it is a matter of public Record within the Halls of the United States Courts now pondering the totality of the Obama Elections.

I have to say I am very grateful for those who have responded, but we are very short to our stated goal. We had a little uptick, but its quite now and we are short. We do not have the money needed. Anticipating this, I have delivered to the Court a "Motion for Reconsideration and Review of my inform pauperis status", which you can review here. Though the Court recesses at the end of June it does continue to take and rule on Motions. It should be noted that the Justices do continue to study the Cases pending before it as is stated on its website during recess that you can read yourself here.

Now you will see on the Court's calendar of June tomorrow is the last day for ORDERS to be released on its normal in session condition. The condition of the Court changes in July, August, September and resumes again in October. My hope was to get that Motion Reconsideration Review into the Court at least a week before its ending June Session and perhaps be granted Cert along with it in Monday June 29th, 2015 (tomorrows) Orders.

The Motion for Reconsideration and Review was fast-tracked overnight and was Docketed June 24th. That means the Court has had a full week to consider overturning the denial of informa pauperis which had been denied with the new and pertinent updated evidence that I provided them. In the best case scenario, they good Grant my Informa Pauperis standing over turning their decision of June 18th, that forces me to comply with printing and court fees that approximate between two thousand and four thousand dollars by July 13th. Complying with that Order means having the Document in the Printing Office this July 7th at the latest to get it finished and into the Court by July 13th also which we simply do not have the money for yet.

Its just not there yet. I have done my best at trying to motivate you to move now and received with grateful heart letters and contributions of support like this . I'd like to share with you this very heart wrenching Card. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it with you. I'm having a difficult time even typing it with my eyes leaking.

"Dear Cody - Thank you - - Patriot - - for your courage and perseverance in standing up for the Constitution against the usurper. You took a big risk in fighting Obama for the sake of the United States of America and We The People. Hopefully SCOTUS will decide to hear your case and it will result in Obama's ouster and the restoration of the nation. God Bless You and God Bless America - Mr.Jack X. XXXXXXX Florida." A ten dollar check attended the card.

If 3% of America would do that do you know how much the Campaign would bank? There's roughly 325 million Americans. 3% is roughly 3 million at $10 a piece puts the Campaign Treasure Chest needed to fight this fight at $30 Million. Will you now, knowing and understanding the implications of an Ineligible person in the Office of the President join this Patriot's Campaign?

You have got to understand that little ole me, Cody Robert Judy is the only one who has standing to fight this. If Governor Christie or Governor Walker or even Mr. Donald Trump went into to Court today and tried they would be dismissed because they missed the fight beginning in 2008. This is not a 'grandiose' statement but one of facts. The Courts would say they were a day late and a dollar short and kick them out. You have just got to understand how important and valuable that word "perseverance" as a Presidential Candidate in '08 '12 and now '16 is. Without it we do not have a single person in this Nation with Standing the Court can remotely honor to ascertain its own legitimacy through the fog of fraudulent elections.

That is why we can't go forward. We have to go back and reset the damages. I hope that is crystal clear to everyone reading this and that you will pass it on. If you have decided to support another Candidate for President it could well be understood you have decided to give up the United States Constitution also. Please re-read if you haven't got it yet. Its a little complicated but this post is in fact a nutshell from the volumes that could be written about it.

We here at the Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 Camp would like to give you a little bit of an update on our Fund Raising. We thank those of you who are digging in and helping. We know there are many more of you out there sitting on the fence. We do not have the luxury of time to waste. Get off the fence and quit hoping for a better America Tomorrow and start helping us make a better America Today. We need your contribution today! The link here is a safe and secure Paypal account for your convenience.

Please continue to check back and we will post UPDATED information here on our FUND RAISING GOAL. We notice contributions coming in from all over this Nation and hope you will get your state on the board here. We notice FL.,CA.,TX.,OR.,PA.,N.C.,UT.,S.D,VA.,MA., now and one from a U.S. Citizen in the United Kingdom Thank You!

*If there is an UPDATE of ORDERS from the U.S. Supreme Court Today we will update that here.
UPDATE: On the ORDERS LIST of 6-29-15 of SCOTUS there are none for this Case

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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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