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MEDIA CONFESSES: JUDY v. OBAMA 14-9396 Should be Heard Because "We Don't Know there is a Difference?"

MEDIA CONFESSES: JUDY v. OBAMA 14-9396 Should be Heard Because "We Don't Know there is a Difference?"

There's someday's it really does feel like we are drowning and about to be swallowed up by the lazy river of Media biased against us and the Constitution's demand that only the President be a 'natural born Citizen', not just a 'Citizen' as is the requirement in the Constitution for Senators and Representatives. It seems the Media is very pro positive politically correct on words and meanings of those words as we have seen there is no shortage of cutting off business when businessmen enter politics with business deals and contracts when it comes to Mr. Donald Trump being cut out by Macy's stores for controversial comments, Univision and NBC cutting out the Miss America telecast. The question is who is making the bigger mistake as far as Defending Free Speech? The other question is what do you do when the Media is the one who doesn't understand that words in fact have meaning in the Constitution?

If we followed the Macy's and the Main Stream Media's example of combining business and politics, we would in fact STOP their ability to function in broadcast at all when it comes to not understanding the Constitution's demands for the President to be a 'natural born Citizen' which is different then the Constitution's demands for a U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative to be a 'Citizen'.

They have played "dumb-down" politics for awhile now, but this new trend towards 'nixing a candidate for President' based on words, after they can't get it straight themselves is a very dangerous road for them to take. It actually makes the Media a Target of anti-American and anti-Constitutional rhetoric. People have frowned upon Palestinians hiding their military hardware in schools and hospitals and using women and children as human shields to protect those ammunitions of war, but it appears the tactic is employed quite easily when Univision and NBC thinks nothing about the little girls with their Mommy's wanting to watch the Miss America Pageant. They don't care about their wishes do they? They only care about themselves.

Who cares what Donald Trump says? Doesn't the Media think we the people still have the right to let it pass in one ear and out the other if we choose, or do they think people should start going to prison for free speech? Its a freedom of speech issue especially when running for U.S. President in an elected office. NBC will be broadcasting their own ruin when Mr. Trump legally starts buying advertising on their stations telling the little girls and their Mommy's mean old NBC and Univision will not be broadcasting their favorite show of the year based on political free speech of a Candidate for President? Do you want to support that happening?

We used to think the Main Stream Media was a neutral source for equality at least when it comes to 'free speech' more especially when it comes to politics, but its just not the case. Gallup Poll in January 2015 showed 46% of Americans registered as Independence, but where is the coverage of the United States Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 that has the power with Justice to totally send Obama packing out of the White House because of the fraud of being unqualified for the Office of the President?

It is really not hard at all to understand that qualifications for President are higher then those of the qualifications for U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives; Even the age and time progresses higher than those offices of Congress. So now, all of a sudden, the Media 'thinks' that 'Citizen' and 'natural born Citizen' mean the same thing and the Office of the President's qualifications have been arbitrarily lowered without a Constitutional Amendment?

Why doesn't the Media asks themselves why 'natural born Citizen' was even placed in the Constitution and understand that with the Office of the President 'more' security was wanted not 'less' when it comes to the demands of two full American generations being the qualifications in natural born Citizen that entail Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents? Support that definition today on Independence Day.

They don't like discrimination? What about the discrimination that we have that 11 year old girls can not marry? Do they not like that discrimination either? What about the discrimination that 8 year olds cannot legally get a liscence to drive a car? Do they non like that discrimination? You see the Media does like discrimination and they employ it daily. Look for instance at their silence on Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro's potential of being kicked out on his butt and erased from U.S. history as POTUS based on the very Justice that the Office of the President does not allow anyone except a natural born Citizen to be President- [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents].

Do you know if/when that happens the People of the United States will have virtually been caught unaware of it, because the Media hold no difference between 'Citizen' and 'natural born Citizen', but they do hold difference between 'nigga' and 'crackr'. They will cover a fight over those words, but 'silence' on the words 'natural born Citizen' and 'Citizen' they are the same.


You hear people say that the Constitution does not say what the term 'natural born Citizen' means. What they fail to relate in the next breath is the Constitution does not say that 'Citizen' and 'natural born Citizen' mean the same thing either. That leaves us on INDEPENDENCE DAY celebrating our nations independence from intelligence? I mean, why did Congress try to change the 'natural born citizen' clause 8 times since 2008 and fail? Why did the Framers and Signers put in the qualifications for President harder qualifications of time to achieve before being allowed as an elected official President in that Office? Will you not support someone today who has a Record now in the Supreme Court of the United States against Obama Case #14-9396?

Well they didn't and we don't want that office usurped as it has been since 2008. Obama doesn't care, because he believes 'his elections' overrode the Constitution. One little problem with the LGBT community with that representing a recent ruling in favor of them based on the 14th Amendment. If the Constitution doesn't exist and Obama has lawfully overrode it with his elections,there is no 14th Amendment or right prohibiting the States to reject same-sex marriages and to deny performances of them. Obamacare is unenforceable to States, you can do whatever you'd like, honor whatever parts of the Constitution you'd like but deny the parts you don't like?

That's a little like talking out both sides of your mouth and that's kind of what we call 'crazy' or 'nuts' huh? Obama liked that 14th Amendment being upheld. He even lit up the White House in pretty colors, but does he really like the Constitution's demands that he move out of the White House because he is a usurper of that Office? Honoring his father Obama is not qualified as a Kenyan or British Subject. If he'd like to dishonor his father and all of America,..well,.. that's what he has done.

This is a very difficult thing to realize, but Obama by his actions have left my Campaigns in 2008 and 2012 smashed unconstitutionally! That means he destroyed them without any right to. People never see the damages Obama's ineligibility has caused. They don't see the victims of his unconstitutional actions, but they are being made every day. The biggest difference between most of them and myself, is they haven't got a United States Supreme Court Case against him named Judy v. Obama aka Soetoro 14-9396.

Now, if you are a victim of Obama's I want you to contribute to my cause and my campaign in this Case. We need to fight together on this. You may not like everything about me, but together we are Obama's victims and we have a Case against him in the United States Supreme Court. Let's join hands together and celebrate this Independence Day regardless of Party as one for our Nation!

Please consider your loyalty to Country and Constitution TODAY a contribution
Let's make it Official and support a Qualified Candidate who has dedicated his time and talent to taking a stand for America. Let's raise a million dollars and give you the right to say, "I'm not an Idiot, I'm a Patriot of America's Independence!".
God Bless You and God Bless America!
Happy Independence Day America!
Cody Robert Judy
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To all Americans I bid a safe and very Happy Fourth of July- HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Remember what this Day stands for. Remember those who thought so much of you that they were willing to die for you. Remember in your hearts and minds that to honor them we ourselves must do all within our means and power to continue their traditions handed down to us with their very sweet sacrifices and love. May God help us to hand to our children a free Nation. Free of debt, Free of dictatorship, Free of the usurpers of those rights, freedoms, and liberties we hold dear. Help me Patriots Today to make a Better America Tomorrow!
Cody Robert Judy

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*If there is an UPDATE of ORDERS from the U.S. Supreme Court Today we will update that here.
UPDATE: On the ORDERS LIST of 6-29-15 of SCOTUS there are none for this Case

Cody Robert Judy
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Other Courts
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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Cody Robert Judy - U.S. President 2016
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