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NEW YORK TIMES Hint- Clinton build on that Birther Wall? Second Biggest Mistake Missing Rubio Early! May the Ghost Democrats Choose Come to Haunt Them

NEW YORK TIMES Hint- Clinton build on that Birther Wall? Second Biggest Mistake Missing Rubio Early!
May the Ghost Democrats Choose Come to Haunt Them

The NEW YORK TIMES article released hours ago, hints the window may be closing for Hillary's Candidacy if you have followed the recent Clinton Cash and Clinton Email debacles tormenting her headlines and putting a bad taste in the American Baked apple pie of the Clinton Camp: but the window is closing faster on Hillary's chance to actually lead by filing a brief in Court that could place the nail in the coffin for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal. The problem: it also places the nail in the coffin for Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton faces a decision that actually requires early leadership in her Campaign which may just be the same decision that blew the tires out of her 2008 Campaign by not putting Barack Obama's lack of Constitutional Qualifications to the test. Not seizing an opportunity to indirectly take Rubio out now is one the Clinton Camp could come to regret in a 2008 repeat of defeat, or self fulfilling prophesy.

Hillary's Camp was a Birther against Sen. John McCain Mid-Stream in 2008; also A FEATURED New York Times Article "Hint of New Life to McCain Birth Issue if you recall, raising questions and then succumbing early based on Obama. Articles HERE and HEAR. If Hillary Clinton doesn't file an amicus curiae in Judy v. Obama 14-9396, she has just made the second biggest political mistake of her life not taking out three top tier Republican Candidates. The first was NOT doing it with Obama and the New York Times just put the "Birther" writing on the wall.

Remember this? She'd shaken hands at a factory gate in Toledo, Ohio, then before flying to Texas held a media availability where she said: "Sen. McCain brings a lifetime of experience to the campaign. I bring a lifetime of experience. And Sen. Obama brings a speech he gave in 2002." If it didn't work well in 2008, how well is that strategy going to work in 2016 against Sen. Marco Rubio that even the Blaze ran a story on early in 2011 referencing what has become the stand in the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama: that natural born Citizen means "born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. This is a two generation protection from foreign alliance/allegiance for the Office of the President in the interest of our national security? If national security is not an interest in the Republican Platform to pick a bone with I don't know what is.


If Democrats have lost their will to fight for Minorities that's another story. Of course I am not being paid to counsel Hillary Clinton and if she was faced with facing me or a handsome Cuban who brings women to tears and pulls the heart strings right out of your chest with the humble immigrant story as the New York Times Report capitulated multiple times referring to Marco's parents as immigrants of Cuba who did not become U.S. Citizens until their son was four years of age, WHO do you think she'd rather face? This then proves Rubio qualified as a Citizen to be a U.S. Senator. Rubio remains unqualified to be U.S. President for failure of being a "natural born Citizen". The Standard has served America well as a wall from foreigners seizing the reins until the wall was cracked with Barack Obama. I say cracked because its not busted down yet, but is teetering precariously from assault.

Let's face it now. If you put Hillary Clinton on the political debating stage with Barack Obama and she couldn't win eight years ago smashing his lack of experience all over the Media, and the Presidential 2016 Candidate has eight more years of wrinkles, eight more years towards a fading memory, and eight more years of political garbage, how on earth are you going to sway independent voters away from U.S. Senator Marco Rubio? Hillary does not win with her supporters. She wins by swaying those who are sitting on the wall as Independents.

If Republican Challenger Jeb Bush looks old on the debating stage of fresh horses in the Republican Arena, how does Hillary pave away to the finish line and not get tripped up crossing it against a Souped Up Republican Charge over the qualifications inspection of the Constitution as Independents look on at the unconstitutional state of affairs placed in front of them by Democrats? That's why Democrats have to change. The future is here and Barack Obama is not part of the American Future. He is the past, he's enjoyed the White House, now its over. Why not lower the boom on a lame duck to protect America's future Democrats especially when Republicans have a much deeper field of unqualified candidates?

Your just not going to be able to put enough make-up in those wrinkles when you allow unconstitutional Candidates to wear suits, and that's why Hillary Clinton has perhaps two weeks to show some leadership skills by finessing a amicus brief in the case of Judy v. Obama 14-9396. That takes three Candidates out of the picture very quickly who are siphoning gas. Three TOP TIER Republican Candidates GONE, who are set out for the early debating stage in August that threaten her Campaign.

Hillary Clinton hasn't had to do a thing in Court. She capitalizes on the work of a no-name unelected Candidate for President like me. Her name is not recognized in Court as a Birther, she simply gives a nod to the U.S. Supreme Court that says, "You know what, this has been a problem continues to be and we need to get it cleared up and now is a good time".

If Hillary Clinton doesn't do this she doesn't want to be President and she certainly doesn't want a women to be President. You can't help but wonder if there is some nagging housewife in her head that actually remains there screeching. "women don't follow women, they follow men", in some sort of blurry astigmatic self destruction? It would actually take real Leadership for Hillary to file an Amici or friend of the Court Brief with the potential to knock out three men across the isle with as little as one Brief in the United States Supreme Court that says, "Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Bobby Jindal are not qualified as natural born Citizens and this is a problem for me, but more importantly its a problem for the Country".

Far from being discriminatory, its a national security interest, and if a female Presidential Candidate doesn't have the courage to take a stand for our national security interest here at home, she sure doesn't have the courage to lead our Nation abroad. The "natural born Citizen" clause of the qualification for the Office of the President is the key to our Constitution and that Constitution includes the rights to so many minorities. If the Constitution is not protected minorities most certainly including women are the first casualties.

Not only does a Brief from Hillary signal a home run for destroying gender inequality, to take a stand for the Constitution, it signals the ability to lead both genders in a field of equality. Hillary is not just running to be the first female American President, she is running to lead a Nation and ours starts with the U.S. Constitution because it is the back bone of so many minorities and gender was considered as such with the passage of suffrage, or the ability for women to cast a vote. That was a huge minority victory for women that needed to be carved out in our Constitution and if Hillary doesn't stand for that, what does that tell you about her stability?

Far from being so prideful that I would stand opposed to a female, strictly based on her being a female for U.S. President, actually leadership,admired and recognized in England for her uncompromising politics and leadership style, was what characterized Margret Thatcher. Showing America Hillary can lead requires acting the part of leading, not waiting around for her turn, as if the Office of the President was a water fountain people stood around waiting their turn for. Leadership actually requires at times being out in front as a trail blazer where things are not always paved with a new black top that's easy on the tires and smooth on the ride.

Hillary is a at least qualified in my book according to the Standards set in the Constitution. Let it not be said "if" my case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 is dismissed without so much as a hearing by the United States Supreme Court with no tangible interference of current elections hinging on the hearing, such as the 'chad' count we had in George W. Bush v. Al Gore (which could turn out to be the ghost of Florida revisiting Democrats again) wasting 2.5 Billion Dollars with a loss to Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio,it could prove the pivot point of regret for Hillary.

So what does it say about her if she's unwilling to defend herself with the Constitution? It says she's unwilling to defend you her biggest and most loyal women's rights advocates. If that doesn't resonate with men, it should at the very least among women, who not only are seeing Hillary's Clinton Foundation accept money from foreign countries with a dismal record of open gender discrimination, along with her paying her own employees who are female less than their male counterparts, both of which have been reported, it shows you she's no Champion for you.

Far from being an enemy to Democrats Cody Robert Judy has been a friend setting the stage and creating the vehicle Democrats could now certainly use. But that opportunity could be squandered or wasted if the U.S. Supreme Court dismisses Judy v. Obama without granting the CERT. In fact referencing McCain's own Lawyers in the 2008 Article is a direct testament of the standing I have in Judy v. Obama. In that article it says, "In the motion to dismiss the New Hampshire suit, Mr. McCain’s lawyers said an individual citizen like the plaintiff, a Nashua man named Fred Hollander, lacks proof of direct injury and cannot sue."

One thing is for sure, and that is the coming 2016 Election presents America adrift of leadership from its legislative body with culpable Candidates who are ineligible and part of a 'good ole boys' club protecting their own. I am not a member of that Club so the Constitution is a Standard I can live with. It was just for that certainty, the forming of Good Ole Boys Clubs, that a Judicial Body was necessary in our Republic, that was distinct and separate; able to see with a clear vision the Constitutional Standards without the pressures of being elected. If the Judicial Body headed by the U.S. Supreme Court fades into the shadows on this, the door is left open for the Legislative Bodies of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate unchecked in a Constitutional Corruption to ruin the Republic!

The six years it has taken Cody Robert Judy to get this principled stand to the U.S. Supreme Court, with the State options exhausted, and his Campaign in 2008, 2012, and now 2016 for President has not been an easy or popular road. By all accounts not one elected person in DC or in the past two Presidential Election cycles has taken the road on a bi-partisan stand with McCain and Obama. If the opportunity is to be wasted it is at the very least wasted with a full knowledge of the Clinton Camp adopting the ghost they choose to haunt them.

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  1. Hi Cody, nice job and I congratulate you on your perseverance and dispatch. I have enclosed a copy posted at Birtherreport* of a registered letter sent by Sharon Rondeau, Editor of "The Post & Email", to Sen Cruz asking him to fess up and admit he is not an Art. II §I Cl. 5 natural born Citizen.

    In reading your material here, it would seem to me Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal would all see that usefulness of filing an amicus curiae (in opposition, of course) to beech the SCOTUS to take up this case now, between elections as it were, not for anyone's personal benefit, but for the country's benefit.