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Rand Paul Swipes MAIN TITLE of his new book from 2016 Pres Candidate CRJ- Why are they Crucifying Constitution?

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul Swipes MAIN TITLE of his new book from another 2016 Presidential Candidate CRJ - Why are Legislatures crucifying the Constitution?

Of course it's hard to deny the similarities of U.S. Senator and declared 2016 Presidential Candidate Rand Paul's new book "Taking A Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America" with '08, '12, and '2016 Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy's (CRJ) Taking A Stand - The Conservative Independent Voice published in 2008, we noticed from this mornings May 19th,2015 article by Alexander Bolton published at THEHILL.COM and republished by half a dozen other patriot news outlets on the internet. Cody just wishes that those in Elected Positions especially running for the same office would at the very least use their voice and pulpits to take a stand for Article II, Section I, Clause 5's demand for a natural born Citizen in the Office of the President and would write an Amicus Curiae Brief as a sign they actually supported the Constitutions demands in Judy v. Obama 14-9396. Taking a stand actually requires more than patronizing lip service, Cody said.

"I was just sitting there reading Bolton's article and got to the last two paragraphs after reading about his busing reporters around to drum up support like McCain and got to the last two paragraphs and Bam! there it was. [McCain once called him a 'wacho bird', but Paul said he doesn't mind. "We're proud of that. We put that on the back cover," he said, referring to his new book, Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America.]

Judy acknowledged, "We did make a new commercial for my book Taking a Stand in September 2014 uploaded on his YouTube Station, and its available in every Barnes & Noble, mainstream book service like Amazon, and is available in hardback, soft cover, and digital streamed on Nook with his publisher. It would be very hard for a Presidential Candidate not to notice with a quick research of the Title there wasn't another Presidential Candidate that actually had that main title. Judy admitted he had a dream of the title for his book before publishing it, which was why he decided upon it.
TAKING A STAND -The Conservative Independent Voice

"Mine does have my Platform for President in it", Cody said,"and I think it would have been very hard to miss by Rand's Publishers "Center Street" his book is also available at Barnes and Noble. I'm quite sure if he didn't want it to be an issue it wouldn't be."

Far from similarities of a title of the book, Rand's stand and Cody's stand are quite different. "Of course we have similarities and I for one appreciate his touting prison reform". In a recent article Paul scathed Hillary Clinton's husband for 'putting a generation of blacks in prison' also published at The Hill by the same author Alexander Bolton.

CRJ continued, " You know the scathing saddness about all the Republican Candidates has been their lack of integrity upon the primary or center point of our Constitution. They will not, have not, and won't take a stand especially for the 'natural born Citizen' qualification for the Office of the President. If you're an elected U.S. Senator you are bound to at least know the qualifications of the office your holding is "Citizen" and that makes the requirement for the President's office natural born Citizen all that more glaring because its different and acknowledged for the Vice Presidential position also."

"I think it also an undeniable and remarkable reason that "Being Elected" for any other office wasn't a particular requirement for being President. All of these guys and gals elected are who you might call the 'elect' people and of course that specification is mentioned in the Bible verse of Mark 13:32."

"With U.S. Senator Ted Cruz I think one of his "signs of the Times" was 'renounced his Canadian Citizenship' that he acknowledged only recently finding out about. I mean, come on, how stupid do you think people are?"

The saddest part is people not understanding of course the Government has the ability to confer Citizenship through a naturalization process, and sometimes the naturalization process is looked upon as automatic, or goes without stating or getting the recommended documentation, but they are still listed under their circumstances of birth as Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio are under naturalization adoption laws of Nationals and Citizens at birth Title 8 USC 1401 a-g, as I point out in my U.S. Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama 14-9396. Being a "Citizen" at birth does not mean being a natural born Citizen qualified for the Office of the President."

"The Identification of Circumstances of Birth in Naturalization Criteria is a Government Identification of not being a natural born Citizen qualified for the Office of the President."

"Unfortunately, we have very few elected officials,wait a minute, let me be honest, no elected officials wanting to make legislative enemies with their colleagues and I'm afraid that makes for a constitutionally toxic environment that begrudgingly is deferred to the Judicial Branch as the legislative branch has no problems crucifying our Constitution on both sides of the isle. It is a sad fact that on this central feature of our Constitution requiring a stricter standard for the Office of the President, all of these elected Representatives and Senators have their eyes on that prize and their standards of morality slip."

"I think that is the main reason that actually being elected to another office doesn't mean that character and leadership for the Office of the President are automatic for those who have been elected. In fact in this instance, which is the central national security red button position, I think its a disregard that our Country can no longer afford, and one that definitely needs to be addressed by the Court."

"I for one have not let being elected decide my course of defense for our Nation. For instance, Allen West plainly stated he wanted to be elected as the reason he would not stand against Obama's ineligibility and fabrications of identification. Rand Paul said, I am not a Birther referencing both parties, based on the what the 2012 Main Stream Media called a 'racist birther lie'. That implication is RACIST and a Lie because I as a Candidate for President sued McCain and Obama in the last two Presidential Elections. The record is covered in some 15 Court Cases I've been involved in and am constantly reminding them of. This substantiates the Main Stream Media agenda for it refuses to acknowledge the record in Court!"

The due date for the Respondents to respond in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in the United States Supreme Court is May 20th, 2015.

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