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The Mountain of Communism - Why is the Constitution so unpopular with Republicans?

The Mountain of Communism - Why is the Constitution so unpopular with Republicans?

Republicans tout a 'conservative' stand upon many issues, but what you don't really hear is Democrats touting how conservative they are on so many issues. What is becoming easier and easier for voters to see is that what they are hearing from the Parties Main Stream Candidates rarely adds up to what is actually represented. Let me give you an example, instead of stemming off the flow of contributions from unqualified Republican Candidates like Rubio, Cruz and Jindal, according to the demands of the 'natural born Citizen' requirement in the Constitution's demands for the Office of the President and the succinct 'naturalization' laws that applies to each of those candidates, you don't see Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Rick Perry,Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum,John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, even remotely warning the 'BASE' of the Republican Party of the fraud commenced by those individuals collecting money for an Office they are not qualified for.

Under normal circumstances isn't that a question that everyone ought to be asking all of these Candidates? I mean to cover that question narrows the field down tremendously, conserves otherwise wasted contributions, and reduces the culpability of fraud upon voters. Don't the qualified candidates even want to protect their own Campaigns and their own party members they'd call the 'base' from the wolfs as these Candidates are among the sheep?

I mean if I was a Republican Candidate like Jeb Bush, I think a swipe at the three little wolfs might save some pork! Rubio and Cruz have already swiped millions of dollars form the kitty. Now why do I as a Democratic Party Candidate for President say such things so early in the race? Well, one of the reasons is because unlike Candidate Hillary Clinton, I have some experience in Court on the conservative principle of eligibility all the Republicans disdain with their words and actions. The don't even try to hide the fact that their so far left into the communist caves of the Mountain that to call them Conservative makes even them laugh.

You just can't be conservative and give up the Nation to Foreigners. You just can't be conservative with no interest in protecting our Country from foreign enemies you usher into the White House with no objection or single utterance of our Constitution's, "Objection Your Honor!". The biggest reason I can't and haven't ever stood as a Republican is because Jesus Christ himself took a whip to the money changers in the temple courtyard. He just flat out lost it when it come to the hypocrisy he couldn't stomach and that has much to do with calling yourself 'conservative', but not representing the issues and core principles that are conservative especially in the qualifications for the president found in the Constitution.

Its probably the biggest reason though I have sometimes stayed my Democratic party affiliations toward the center straying as an Independent, when the mainstream of the Democratic Party went so far left I just couldn't agree,but I have not felt one inkling to every go Republican and my book "Taking A Stand"'s subtitle is 'The conservative independent voice'.

Although I've run more races as a underdog Democrat in U.S Rep 2002, U.S. Sen. 2004, U.S. Pres 2012, I did run as an Independent in 2008 for President and in 2010 as a U.S. Senate Candidate as well as finishing up 2012 as a write-in for Pres because Democrats just made the wrong decision with an ineligible and unqualified Obama that I could not vote for.

Who are the biggest hypocrites in the Main Stream Media? Who constantly tells you that 'conservative principles' are good and that 'liberalism' is a malignant cancer while they to this day after day and have probably made more money off of Obama than anyone, while they support and say good things about Rubio and Cruz for President? These are the wolves that keep their sheep covers on, and they are wolfs when it comes to loving the ultra liberal pinata party bash of the Constitution's demand for a 'natural born Citizen' Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents.


Are people who support a Citizens' independent right to have the same tax right offs available to everyone in partnerships afforded and institutionalized by the Government according to the Constitution's principles 'conservative' or liberal? Well, the Constitution is the base line of conservatism according to every 'conservative radio talk show host' I've ever heard so I guess we'd have to say Democrats are conservatives towards the equality of every Citizen's right to marry.

Does the right to getting married at the court house that the Government provides with a Justice of the Peace mean that the right of any particular religion in America is infringed? No, because the Government is of no particular religion and actually is called to abstain from making any law respecting an establishment of religion in the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. Are Democrats respecting the totality of "all religions to practice what they preach" conservative? Why Yes, that is a conservative ideal.

Are Republicans who say, "a Justice-of-the-Peace performing a Government sanctioned SS (Same-Sex)marriage is infringing upon a particular religious belief, conservative or ultra liberal communist? Well, you'd have to say they are ultra-liberal communist because they are representing that the U.S. Government is a religion rather than separate, making laws respecting a religion which is anti-Constitution and pro state communist.

Now could Religions and the Government instead represent the right for religions to choose to perform according to their own particular beliefs SS marriages and OS marriages? Why certainly that freedom of religion should always exist in the U.S. and under the Constitution. That is a conservative stand and if a Judge or Justice took it upon themselves to force a religion to perform a marriage in their church than indeed that would be the Government's intrusion upon that particular religion. That is again a 'conservative stand' based on the Constitution.

When Civil Rights of an Individual becomes an issue who do people turn to more? Twas President Lincoln a Republican who freed the slaves, but it is also Republicans who would invoke an unjust incarceration upon a free U.S. Citizen women for nine months in favor of the rights of an gestating embryo who had not even taken a breath of life yet, who could not yet vote, and did not have the U.S. Constitution's Jurisdiction as a Citizen and call her a murderer worthy of a death sentence if she chose an abortion? Yes, the body is all formed in the casket too, but there is not life. God formed the body and then breathed the life into the body which was an independent soul we recall in Genesis 2:7. Only an independent soul can be murdered.

Of course, Civil Rights in our modern times has usually been the Democrats fought hard for by MLK Jr and the great inspiration he was in getting the purpose of the law fulfilled with a Republican President LBJ, however, when it comes to the Civil Rights that are affected by the same qualifications being held as a Standard for an ineligible candidate for President and an eligible one, where do people go? They sure don't go to Barack Obama.

Well, they haven't gone to Republicans either as we can see, not one Candidate for President is screaming about the ineligibility of three of their own fellow Republicans but there is a Democrat people can turn to in myself, who has been willing on Record, the only one in America by the way, to take Republican or Democrat to Court for the standard of the constitution protecting the Citizenry and the future of our Country for generations to come. If I cannot bring the facts to the light, your only asking that the facts be kept in the darkness for your own gain and to protect your own cave in the ultra left wing communist cave, where I find no light!

You know if an illegal immigrant walked into our U.S. Courts filing a discrimination suit against our Government for not giving everyone in the world in fact social security, medicare, and medicaid the Courts would laugh him out of the Court room, put the cuffs on him and deport him. He's illegal! He's not qualified for those benefits.

The same is true for Obama,Rubio,Cruz,Jindal, McCain and others who are not Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, for the office of the President. They are illegal for that office if they are not Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents and some naturalization law applies to them. When a naturalization law applies to you, and the specifications of it authorized by Congress apply, you are not a natural born Citizen, you are a naturalized citizen. The first people that know this are politicians. Don't be fooled by them saying they don't know or they have to research it. That is asking for a license to defraud the vote, defraud the contributions pool, and the public.

Those who are qualified who lack the courage to at least stand up and say as a potential Candidate for President, "Those guys are not qualified I wouldn't give them a dime", are accomplices of defrauding the vote, defrauding the contributions pool, and the public and I wouldn't vote for them either because they have no courage to stand up for you and the truth that will set us free.

So we have talked a little bit about the Mountain of Communism that every ultra liberal Republican Candidate has a cave in so far that has declared or sent a message of declaring to the public they might run for President, and Democrats really only have one Candidate who has taken on the issue both in an in-house clean up, as well as cleaning the opposite parties house.

Now one of the points I want to make clear is that if Hillary Clinton were the nominee for Democrats, which is extremely presumptive in her circumstances, and she were to hope that Republicans nominated for their nominee a Candidate who was not qualified under the Constitution as a strategy for winning in a close race that a Court would then decide upon, such as what happened in the 'chad' election between "George W. Bush v. Al Gore" one of the defense that would be used by the Republican Nominee against her would be that she didn't represent it as a standard through out her entire Campaign. The Court doesn't like or appreciate that.

If a Candidate has represented it, warned and warned and advocated and advocated against a illegal and unqualified Candidate then put to the Judge, he would turn to the illegal and unqualified Candidate and say,"Well, it wasn't as if this hasn't been brought up to you. You've heard and heard and reheard the vocalization of the law and just refused to believe it. You deserve to lose."

A Judge would appreciate that much more than if it was a tie vote and one Candidate decided the other wasn't qualified and all of a sudden becomes a Constitutional Hero for the Qualification for the Office of the President while she served as Secretary of State to the unqualified one of her own party, but he might also have to say especially if he were partial to her, "I guess the Constitution has got to be upheld now so Cruz,Rubio,Jindal you lose".

The other idea of a Mountain of Communism the Republicans espouse in the ultra liberal weakness for the qualifications for the Office of the President is that they indeed have now four Candidates officially running or that have run in the Presidential Race in McCain, Rubio, Cruz, and Jindal and the Democrats have only one- Obama. Who has more Candidates in the is ultra liberal Communist Mountain - Republicans or Democrats?

This is why Conservatives who are Republicans now really need to start considering switching Parties and voting for Cody Robert Judy in the primaries next year. A Party is really about who your voting for anyway as we see being a Republican doesn't mean your a conservative and being a Democrat doesn't mean your an Ultra Left Wing Communist Hack. There are many more ways that Democrats are conservative and Republicans are ultra-liberal, but I'll make that another article.

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Let's make it Official and support a Qualified Candidate whose has dedicated his time and talent to taking a stand for America. Let's raise a million dollars and give you the right to say, "I put my money where my mouth is. I'm not a hypocrite, I'm a Patriot!".

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